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Plan Eat Diet Delivery Review – MUST READ WARNING

I was looking forward to add this in the roster of my Best Diet Deliveries in Metro Manila but looking at my friend’s feedback and photos I got sick to my stomach. I also see my officemates before order from their service but I always get turned-off by the type of food they serve. Junk and just calorie-counted. They’re cheap but you get what you pay for.
Well hello?! MACRO RATIO is important. Protein > Carbs > Fat. Their food is laden in SUGAR and CARBS and it won’t make you feel full. This photo just makes me sad So sad….
Not only that.. check out their pudding.. MAY ALAMBRE OMG
Oh and their “apology” a refund of 60 pesos. *clap clap*
Well this is my personal experience ha. I’m not sure with others but please feel free to post your feedbacks in the comments section below.

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