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Beware of Fake Beauty Blenders!!! (oh, and a review)

Make sure you buy from trusted shops like Rustan’s or if you’re from out of the country, try locating an official retailer near you. There has been news that some online reputable multiply shops are selling fake beauty blenders just less than a couple of bucks and theyre fake.

Theyre packaged without a box and a sachet cleanser and only the sponge is sent. This is according to buddies at

A warning to everyone! If you want a cheaper alternative, get a Sonia Kashuk instead.

Oh, I forgot to mention how I love my beauty blender!!!

bounce bounce bounce its as chubby as my cheeks teehee

Here’s a picture of half side with foundation using beauty blender using chanel teint innocence (my HG? I hope so, review coming soon too). I apply it using the stipple bouncy motion, using the smaller side for my undereyes and such. I like how it makes skin look airbrushed and flawless. It’s perfect since I’ve been breaking out a lot for the past few days (Oh I hope its not because of teint innocence 🙁 )

My only wish for this is, I hope they make it more, travel-friendly. Like for working gals like me who sometimes does their makeup at the office or in the car it would be nice if they had a small carrying case.
That’s why I only use this on weekends hehe and fingers during work days.

How about you guys? What brush or tool do you use for your foundation? Fingers? Brush? Sponge? Beauty Blender?

Guess which?


  • Askmewhats

    Bagay mo nga the shade of foundation you used it does cover but does not look heavy at all! I am currently using the HD Beauty Blender which looks like Sonia Kashuk, well it's not a fake one as they did tell me they have it custom made! 🙂 I own the same Beauty Blender you have and I'm just too lazy when it comes to cleansing it! hehehe

  • Caby

    I loveeee my Beauty blender too, but about selling fakes online I do hope that it isnt true otherwise it would be sad. But in the states and canada I went to a couple specialty makeup stores for film and tv and they sell the beauty blender in bulk like 15 pieces in one bag. Marketed for professional hence the none packaging. So these might come from there. 🙂

  • K

    teint innocence is my HG mina!

    I remember posting your blog nikki that I would buy a beauty blender, and it was a year ago! I just bought today! Haha..

    Crystal you're spot on in finding which is which! Hehe

    shade twin do you have a beauty blender na din ba?

    You should try BB elle, I was hesitant at first but, it's airbrushing in a sponge!

    Hi caby! Thanks for the info, maybe that's what they are selling.. Oh I sure hope so.

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