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Craving for Crepes? Cafe Breton!

This quaint restaurant was first mentioned to me by my Tita who always order their food for
there meetings. She keeps telling me how divine their crepes are, the best crepes there is (in the Philippines)

I have only tried Crepes n Cream, and when my hubby and I are craving for crepes to munch on, I told him
that we should go to Cafe Breton instead.

The waitress told me that their best seller is "Fantastic Pinay"

and I was overwhelmed by the amount of nutella and chocolate on top of the crepe. Not the usual few drips here and there.
IT was completely slathered in nutella, chocolate and whipped cream. I got so excited that I took a bite even before
taking a picture. Haha.. It has yummy sweet tarty ripe mangoes inside. It was a perfect blend of sweetness, saltiness, and
fruit. Not your average crepe. You'll be wanting to eat it again and again!!

Update 09-09-2011: I invited my cousin and my aunt to eat there and they loved it as well!!!


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