Biore UV Sunblocks now in the Philippines (Hooray!)

The number of reviews and articles on different sunblocks posted here on my blog would be enough proof how much this skincare product is important to me and you. There’s so many sunscreen being sold in the market today that we need to know which products are good. I’m a fan of Japanese sunscreens because of how milky, light, and effective they are. I even reviewed Biore Sunblock way back 2010 and gained much love. I’m so happy that Biore is finally available in the Philippines!!

This time around, I’m so pleased to inform everyone that Biore Sunblocks are available in the Philippines (FINALLY). Haha even my son likes using them too. I like using sunblock everyday because when you use skin whitening products, sun protection is a must! Geof and I love the UV Milk the most because of how silky smooth it feels on the skin. Not sticky, never oily! Perfect for the summer heat!

What I Like About Biore Sunblocks

  • It has a milky and watery texture
  • It’s cool on the skin 
  • It does not feel sticky on the skin, it’s like applying silk 
  • It does not leave any trace of white cast so it looks natural in person and in photos! 
  • It’s high SPF makes sure you’re protected from skin darkening and aging caused by sun exposure
  • It does not have any strong fragrant smell
  • It’s affordable!

Additional Information

Biorè Aqua
Rich series

has three variants :
1)Aqua Rich Watery Essence – Amazingly light even with SPF50+
and PA++++! Biorè UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence contains unique aqua micro
capsules that release moisture upon application. It feels cool on skin and is
instantly absorbed with a weightless and transparent finish! For use on face
and body!
2)Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D Effect – Get high SPF protection with 3D
brightening effect. Biorè UV Aqua Rich Watery BB cover pores, lines, and helps
enhance facial contours. It provides good oil control and hydrates your skin at
the same time!
3)Aqua Rich Whitening Essence – Moisturizing, Whitening, and with
High SPF all in one! Biorè UV Aqua Rich Whitening Essence contains skin caring
whitening ingredients to promote fairer, more translucent skin on your face!
Biorè UV
Perfect series

products are ultra-light and non-sticky with a matte or powder finish.  Skin feels comfortable and smooth while
enjoying maximum UV protection. They are all sweat and water proof and works as
perfect make-up base .
Biorè UV
Perfect series

also has three products to choose from:

1)Perfect Bright Face Milk – Make your face look brighter and
smoother instantly! The Perfect Bright Face Milk contains fine, light
correction powder to help cover pores and correct skin dullness.
2)Perfect Face Milk – Control oil and shine on your face
for long hours! Perfect Face Milk contains sebum-absorbing powder that controls
oil and shine.
3)Perfect Milk – Get maximum protection without
getting the heavy, sticky feeling! Perfect Milk provides strong resistance
against sweat, water, and sebum! UV block last very long. Perfect for exploring
the great outdoors! For use on face and body.
Biorè is distributed in the Philippines by
Vibelle Distribution, Inc and are available in selected department stores,
supermarkets, and retailers in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. For list
of outlets and other inquiries, visit our Facebook page at : or follow us at and


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