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Review: LP Ankle Support and Do You Need One?


Ankle Support? They say 3rds time’s the charm and for the third time (and hopefully the last), my ankle has been injured again. The first time was when I fell down the stairs, the second time was when my uber ride collided with another car causing my a broken ankle and shoulder, and finally I tripped during training. Sheesh. I feel sorry for my right ankle it deserves comfort. After careful research over the internet I decided to purchase an LP Ankle Support at Toby’s Sports so I can function while recovering. How was it? Did it help? Continue reading below.

  • What? LP Nanometer Ankle Support

  • How Much? 260php

  • Where to buy? Toby’s Sports


Why You Should Wear Ankle Support?

If you’re prone to injuries or recovering. Wearing compression socks like LP’s ankle support help give warmth and compress the swelling of your injury. It will also help prevent further dislocation by providing additional support.


LP Ankle Support Review

  • It’s one of the more affordable brands available at Toby’s Sports.
  • It glided on easily to my foot like a sock. I got the smallest size because tiny feet.
  • It’s firm in all areas but not too tight that it can make your blood clot.
  • Made my swollen ankle feel fit and secure, unlike a loose screw when barefooted.
  • I wear it over my socks for easier wearing.
  • I did have a bit of struggle removing it because of my swollen ankle, because it’s painful to take off.
  • I was able to walk normally, and even do minor wrestling training with minimal pain while wearing this
  • I’m planning to wear this everyday during daytime while my ankle is still recovering


What do I recommend?

I recommend that you go consult your orthopedic first before doing self-help like this one. I consulted one and based on his observations I only had a Grade 1 ankle sprain. How was he able to tell? I can still stand and put pressure on the sprained ankle and walk with little bit of pain. Minor welling and 0 bruises. If you have grade 1 ankle sprain or have weak ankles and want to prevent injury this is really a good buy. I also recommend ankle strengthening exercises like deadlifts and calf-raises.

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