Body Language Tips That Can Improve Your Life

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Body language influences every aspect of our lives. From relationships and careers to self-esteem and mental health, we can’t navigate our lives without using some body language. The way we use body language indicates our moods and feelings to others as well as ourselves. In fact, in many ways, we may communicate our moods better through body language than through verbal communication! Therefore, if some part of your life is struggling, you may be able to use body language to improve it. 

The best way to utilize body language to improve your life is to take actions that improve your confidence, attraction, and optimism. This will not only make you feel better but may also attract the right friends, partners, coworkers, or others who can support and help you through whatever you need. Here are some body language tips that can significantly improve your life. 

Strike A Power Pose

Though this may feel silly, striking a power pose can do wonders for your confidence. In fact, some research shows that those who strike power poses or similar body language poses experience a confidence boost themselves. Confidence is essential for good self-esteem and motivation to work on any aspect of your life, so finding ways to increase it is critical. 

So next time you need a confidence boost, try a Superman pose or put your arms in the air as though you are victorious. You’ll feel an instant boost to your confidence and can go forward with more energy and motivation. 

Keep Your Body Open

If you cross your arms and legs often, you may be indicating to others that you don’t want to talk or interact with them. This may be preventing you from connecting with coworkers, loved ones, or potential dates without you even realizing it!

Therefore, if you want to be social with others, keep your body open. Uncross your arms and legs and maintain an overall calm demeanor. Keep your arms at your sides or on the arms of your chair and directly face the person you are talking with. This will suggest you are relaxed and open to conversing with others. 

Mirror Others Body Language

Another great way to show someone that you are engaged or are interested in them is by mimicking their body language. Studies show that people who are attracted to their partners will subconsciously mimic their movements. 

So next time you are on a date or just want to show someone that you are interested and engaged, find opportunities to mimic some of their movements. Don’t copy everything they do, and don’t do anything that wouldn’t be appropriate or seem weird. Just find subtle cues to mimic, such as flicking your hair or moving your hands in a certain way. 


If life is stressful or you’re dealing with many challenges, it can be easy to forget to smile. But smiling is important as it not only indicates to others that you are friendly but can also create a positive boost to your mental health. Those who smile genuinely experience more happiness over time and are perceived as kinder and friendlier by others. So try smiling more throughout the day. You will find that you’re overall a bit happier and may get along better with others. 

Have Good Posture

Though we were all taught the importance of good posture in childhood, few of us heeded those warnings in adulthood. Millions of people slouch or develop poor posture in their life, leading to pain in the back, chest, and other areas throughout the body. Chronic poor posture can cause health problems that can be exacerbated in old age. 

Therefore, you should practice good posture to keep your body healthy and strong. Make sure to stand up straight and tall. Keep your neck or shoulders from slouching forward. When you sit (such as when using a computer), make sure to sit up straight to avoid the typical posture problems of computer users. 

Final Thoughts On Body Language

As you can see, body language has a huge influence on our mental health and how we interact with the world around us. By utilizing some of these tips, you can become more confident and happy and have more pleasant and positive interactions. This can improve any area of your life, from your relationships to your career. For even more information and resources on body language, check out the link below:

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