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BonChon Chicken Review : My Lolo Makes Better if not the BEST Tasting Chicken than BonChon

After hearing and reading all the RAVES regarding how Bonchon is the “BEST” fried chicken they ever had. The  curious glutton and me craved for it for days and days.. finally, I got the chance to try it yesterday at the Ayala Triangle Garden branch around lunch time. I ordered the 2 piece drumstick with rice, one variant in soy and garlic, the other in spicy. In fairness, I was very hungry at that time so any food I take that time must taste delish.. Haha..

(Sorry folks, forgot to bring my camera so had to place a googled picture of the chicken instead)

So here are the things I dont like about the chicken, and Im sorry besides the fact that it filled up my stomach because I was so hungry, there isnt much to like about the famous bonchon.

1. The meat was bland, very bland, and the one I had was undercooked with blood seeping out. I dont mind undercooked, but the meat was practically TASTELESS.
2. Fine, the skin is crispy, it’s so crispy it’s FAKE, it’s very salty but still bland, there’s no “umami yummy” taste that fried chickens should have
3. The sauce is pungent. Like they put urine as a secret ingredient.

I hate this chicken, it’s so overhyped and overrated. Hey, my advice? If you want crispy chicken outside of your home (coz I bet your homemade fried chicken is wayyy better than this one) go to Jolibee instead. Yes jolibee! At least you don’t get to waste your money on fake fried chicken.

My lolo in my opinion is the best cook in the woooorld… (I bet your lolo is too 🙂 ) and the secret to his fried chicken besides putting your heart into cooking is patis, calamansi, and sile (fish sauce, philippine lemon, and chili). The patis gives the umami yummy taste and it seeps in to the skin, the calamansi removes the “malansa” taste of the chicken and the sile gives it the kick it needs. He deeps fry it until cooked and crispy. Will post a picture if he cooks chicken again.



  • Askmewhats

    wow you got me intrigued with your lOlo's chicken! I actually tried BonChon and I would agree with you on the meat being tasteless, but I was super hungry then when I gave it a taste, so I need to try it again not too hungry 😛

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