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Butt Lift Challenge Workout: Get Summer Ready in 14 Days

Butt Lift Challenge Workout: Get Summer Ready in 14 Days

If you’re up for a butt lift challenge, there will be many lunges, kicks, and squats in your future. However, doing these exercises rigorously for 14 days and switching to a healthy diet will do wonders for your glutes.

Before you start though, you need to plan how much you want to redefine your butt exactly. While burning off all fat seems like a great idea, you should remember that science proved that butt fat actually has health benefits. It’s also notoriously difficult to shed because it’s ‘inactive’ and doesn’t break down easily. Therefore, be realistic when setting up your workout plans and remember that a little bit of fat in this area isn’t bad for you.

Butt Lift Challenge Workout: Get Amazing Glutes in 14 Days

Before you start the actual workout you need to reconsider your diet. No weight loss program can succeed on exercise alone, so you should use a specialized 14-day diet plan for weight loss. Augmenting it with supplements will make the final results of the challenge even more impressive.

You also need to understand that pushing yourself too hard can cause trauma. If your current level of fitness is low or you have any health conditions, consider starting slower than the challenge recommends. You’ll have to extend the program beyond two weeks to achieve the desired results, but your health is more important.

Exercises that should be included in a butt lift challenge workout are simple:

  • Clamshell.
    Lie on your side with your hand under your head and your knees bent at 45º. Your legs should be ‘glued’ together. Then raise your upper knee while keeping your feet together and without moving your pelvis. You can place an elastic fitness band around your thighs to increase the efficiency of the exercise.

  • Lunges.

Forward lunges and curtsy reverse lunges both should be a part of your butt lift workout. Switch them on alternate training days.

  • Glute bridge.
    Lie down on the mat with your hands straight next to your body. Turn your palms down. Your knees should be bent and your feet firmly on the floor. Then raise your hips using the strength of glute muscles and your core. Once there, release your butt back on the mat and repeat.

  • Step-up.
    Use either a special platform or any small bench to simply step onto it as you would when going up a ladder. Then repeat the same with your other foot.

  • Squat.
    When squatting, keep your arms either straight in front of you or on your hips. It’s imperative that you only squat until your thighs get parallel to the floor. Going lower will put unnecessary stress on your knees. To give this exercise more ‘kick’ you can place an elastic band about five inches above your knees. You can also freeze for a few seconds before rising from your squat.

For a most effective butt lift challenge workout, repeat these exercises for two days with a rest day between. You should start with 15 reps of each and increase by 5 every following day, or every other day if your stamina isn’t that good yet. After you get to 40 reps of each exercise, you can start repeating the entire complex over.

Listen to your body and remember to push yourself but not beyond reason. Sharp pain is usually a good sign of when you need to stop.

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