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Difference Between Bull vs Bear Market | Stock Market Basics

Despite my kawaii (cute) header photo, the stock market ain’t cute. It’s usually bloody. One of the most common terms you’ll see and hear are the Bull Market and the Bear Market. But what do they mean? I’ll give you both a detailed explanation and an easy to understand layman’s term.

If you’re a super beginner I suggest you read up on my Philippine Stock Market for Beginners article.

Bull Market vs Bear Market – The Simple Definition


Bull Market is when majority of the stock prices are going up and green. They’re just going up and can last from a couple of weeks to months time if your country’s economy is doing well. Bear Market is when majority of the stocks are going down and bloody red. Traders are selling out, business are on all-time low and we don’t know when it’s going to be up again. The challenging part to determine here is if it’s really Bear or just a correction. But that’s another lesson next time.

Bear or Bull? What do you think?

Here’s a video you can watch if you want to dive into more details:

There you have it my friends. Bear Market vs Bull Market. I hope I helped you learn something new today! I’m no expert, just a regular gal who wants to expand her knowledge. Just like you 🙂



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