Cafe Naya at The Palace Food Review

Food porn ahead! If you know me, I like exploring out and about to try different food from different places, even street food like the famous shawarma rice along Buendia! This time, I was invited by The Palace over at Upstreet Bonifacio for a food tasting event for Cafe Naya a modern Mediterranean restaurant in their Pool Club. Naya means “new” in arabic. 
I brought my friend Leah along with me
Our menu for today

Spicy Tako and Scallop Roll
 The taco was nice and chewy. It has a nice barbeque sauce and it’s very umami! I love! (I’m bias because I love sushis and makis)

Uni and Ricotta
 The crowd favorite. I love uni, but abhor ricotta. I tried a bite and I wasn’t so pleased. It just tasted weird for me. It was sweet, creamy, and seafood all at the same time. The bread was nice and soft too but my palette wasn’t ready for this. I think I’m just weird.

Tuna Crudo
 It’s tuna and croutons. The jalapeno gave it a nice spicy kick. It’s a great appetizer in my opinion.

Fried Oysters
 UGH OYSTERS. These were sooooo good. The oysters were big in size and full in flavor. The breading wasn’t too thick to ruin the natural wonders of oyster and the sauce on top complemented it beautifully. 
Warm Camembert
 My friend leah loved this dish she told me that the sweetness of the camembert cheese meld well with the tart apples and crip bacon. I didn’t eat this because I don’t like cheese. 


Grilled chicken flat bread
 I didn’t eat this dish because it had cilantro. I hate cilantro with a passion because it tastes like dish washing liquid for me.

Food Bloggers at work

My attempt at a food #flatlay

Pulled duck confit
 It’s a savory pasta dish and no “gamey” flavor from the duck. There are high flavors of truffle oil that overpowered the duck. The pasta is al-dente and I ate a lot of this.

24 hour short ribs

All of us felt that the dish lacked seasoning. A bit more salt can help bring out the flavor of the short ribs.

I was too busy having dessert to chit-chat with Erwan LOL, the zesty yogurt pudding with caramel and candied pineapple was sooo good! The best sellers that night were the Uni and Ricotta and the Fried Oysters. My personal favorites were the Yogurt Pannacota, Fried Oysters, and the Blue Marlin. The Blue Marlin just seeps out its tasty juices upon bite and it’s protein overload! The yogurt pannacota is something new for your taste buds. It’s a nice combination of creamy, zesty, sweet, fruit and caramel at the same time. I could finish the whole jar!

Cafe Naya at The Palace
Address: 9th Ave cor 36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines


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