Review: SkinMate Shark Oil (with real feedbacks from users)

skinmate shark oil
skinmate shark oil

 What? Skinmate Shark Oil

Where to buy? Selected Watson’s Stores and Leading Drugstores

How much? 55php

Skinmate shark oil? Yes! Skinmate shark oil! Hahaha.. I know I’m not the only one who keeps hearing this on the radio over and over like its some kind of miracle product for all your skin problems! The commercial alone convinced me to purchase a bottle. I have to try it! I must! I want to know if their claims to whiten skin, banish pimples, remove scars, dry up acne, clear blackheads, make skin look younger, are true. Who else do you expect to try this product for everyone but me? Your resident lab rat, kikaysikat.

Oh, and real user reviews too from my facebook followers (follow:

 It’s cheap at 55php per bottle of 7.5ml


What it says

Skinmate Shark Oil removes dead skin and blemishes, allowing new cells to dominate, making itsmooth, whiter, radiant, and young looking.


How to use

Just apply using finger tips.



Number one on the list is Ethyl alcohol, followed by shark liver oil, then glycerin plus other preservatives. It is not mentioned how many percentage is the shark oil but I’m guessing it’s a small… small.. SMALL… amount because the smell is predominantly alchohol. Oh, I don’t think I’ll buy this again because I don’t support shark killing. Endangered na sila no!



Packaging – First of all, it took me HOURS before I got to open the bottle. It just shows the product is really of lo quality. I even cut myself during the process huhuhu 🙁

Content – It reeks of alcohol. I applied it on my face and it felt really stingy. I can compare it to be even stronger than maxipeel. I was expecting gentle oil because they say it is but they should just say this is skinmate shark alcohol

Effect – It burned my skin and gave me 2 huge cystic pimples. Sadly, it’s not working for me. I’m also scared that the product is too harsh.

Real Feedback from Users


Final Thoughts

Looking at the comments above, majority of the people had the same effects like I did. It’s irritating and harsh on skin. A few users gave feedback that it worked for them though. I don’t want to recommend this product because it is strong and it may cause more harm than good. If you’d like to use an oil, use safe, organic, and vegetable oils like olive oil or coconut oil


  • MommyCharm

    I love makis and sushis too, Miss Kaycee! And oh, those fried oysters look sumptuous! I've seen your flash giveaway on IG and I will join that for sure. I just need to download the repost app first. Haha.

  • JenFosgie

    I don't use it sa face, sa underarm ko lang, at first itchy at may burning sensation kapag nagpipeel na ang underarm ko, pero effective naman siya when it comes to lightening since it lightens my ua.

  • Jessy

    Hi Ms Kat, user po ako ng sharks oil. Noong una ko pong gamit mejo nagkaburn din ako pero while having the burn, hindi naman po siya halata sa face ko, yun nga lang po ramdam na ramdam ko naman yung burn. Tiniis ko po ung burning feeling (tiis ganda) and tinigil ko po paglalagay until di nawawala yung burning feeling. Todo balat po face ko dito which is okay lang sa kin kasi lagi naman po akong no make up day. Tingin ko po hindi to suitable na gamitin ng mga girls na lagi nag mamakeup kasi super pagbabalat po talga.

    After po mawala ng burning feeling and after po matapos yung balat phase, napansin ko po na mas pumuti po talga face ko and nagfade po yung mga pimple marks. Naging rosy din po yung face ko, lalo na sa cheeks.

    Sa ngayon po ginagamit ko pa din siya. every other night lang po. Tapos kapag very obvious na po yung pagbabalat, naglalagay na lang po ako ng Cetaphil. Ginagmit ko siya kasi gsto ko yung rosy effect nya and naaalis po agad yung pimple marks ko and true din po siya sa akin na nakakadry ng pimples.

    Tips lang po sa nagbabalak gumamit, wag niyo po sundin yung everyday na pag apply ng sharks oil. Pwede na po yung every other night. and wag nyo po damihan. Onti lang po.

    Nilalagyan ko din po yung boyfriend ko ng sharks oil. Mas maganda pa yung skin nya sa kin ngayon. hahaha

  • mingocarlo

    it depends on your skin my case as early as two weeks,,napansin na nila,,,namumula mula ang pisngi and no need for a camera 360

  • Danica Fuerzas Nocete

    Parehas po yung effects sakin parang na burn yung mukha ko, ano pong product ginamit niyo to prevent scars from occurring?

  • glena lang ay

    Gumamit din ako ng shark oil. Konti konti lang talaga pag ginagamit. Sa gabi dapat gamitin. Tapos sa umaga maglagay ng sunblock, yung mataas SPF na gamitin mo para sure na di ka mangitim pag maarwan ka. Mas magandang every other day paggamit para hindi ka mabigla kasi mejo mahapdi. Effective namn sakin to.

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