CBD Oil for Pets and Meal Time Feeding Habits

Did you just bring your furry cat friend home from the adoption agency? Are you struggling to feed him the proper way as you should? Handling the needs and wants of an animal isn’t always something we know how to do perfectly, and as we live with them we learn more about them and vice versa, and it makes for good companionship. Cats are possibly some of the most relaxed pets to have in the house. They do their own thing, walk around calmly, and sometimes you only see them when they come home for mealtime.


Whatever type of cat you have or whatever personality he embraces, they all have to eat at some time of the day or night. Did you know that according to science, there are 5 cat personality types? If not, this link can tell you more. But, as simple as this notion is, sometimes it’s not as easily done, then said. Setting a routine for him, being in a new home, is advisable. Perhaps arranging specific meals times is beneficial that way you know he has or will eat. 

Below we have included three ways you can feed your feline and advantages of each. 


1st Option – Free Feeding Your Cat

Here is one option you can choose for him or her, and this is the notion of free feeding. As the name implies, when you free feed your cat, the idea to have his meal available to him at all hours of the day or night. The thing to keep in mind is that only dry food can be fed in this manner as it will not go bad easily compared to wet foods. 

Dry foods would be something like cat treats and pellets and wet foods are usually purchased in cans and have up to 75% water in them, but can go off quicker if left in the open for more than 2 days. There are lots of advantages of giving this type of food to your cats, such as the ones mentioned here: 

In the event your feline is leaving her food in the bowl for more than one day, know that it should be thrown away and not topped up until the bowl is washed and a fresh one presented to it. Also, make sure there is always a bowl of water next to her food. 

The main advantage of this is that he is she can eat a few small meals throughout the day, keeping him away from overfeeding at mealtimes. However, this needs to be managed by the amount you pour into his plate, as there is a possibility of them gaining weight quickly and sometimes becoming over-weight. Measure the right amount of food to put in his bowl for the day and no more. 


2nd Option – Meal Feeding Your Cat

This is another method of feeding them which involves choosing a specific meal time for them to eat in, with a window of at least an hour, not before or after. This is perfectly fine for both wet foods and dry options. The biggest advantage of this is that you can monitor his feeding which means if he changes his routine or his appetite has decreased for some reason, you will be able to easily pick up on this. 

The other advantage is that if you have more than one feline in the house, they would not dominate each other’s plates and eat their own that one time of the day. 

3rd Option – Combination Feeding

Sometimes owners can combine the two options above, for instance feeding them canned food twice a day for breakfast and dinner and having their dry food in a bowl left in the kitchen for free feeding as well. The advantage of this is it allows him or her to eat small meals per day and when he gets peckish he has something to nibble on, it also balances out the nutritional benefits of both wet and dry foods. 

Some pet health food online stores have both natural and nutrition-rich cat food that contains important and useful ingredients such as CBD (cannabidiol) in them, so if you’re worried your cat won’t get enough of the nutrients from his wet food, just add a few drops of a high-quality one specifically for cats into his food or purchase brands that already have it in them. 

However, this too must be carefully monitored and when serving cats, never overdo it because you’re being generous, so that they don’t end up overfeeding themselves and gobbling up everything in one go, which could lead to obesity and drastic weight gains, which in of itself leads to many negative health conditions. An extra bit of fun added to cat’s food times is also advisable, for instance adding a food puzzle to their meal times – keep both their brains and tummies working.

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