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Painless Hair Removal at YSA Skin and Body Experts

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Among the booths that got ahold of my business card, I was lucky enough to have my name drawn by YSA Skin and Body Experts and won 1 treatment from them. I love winning at contests and just in time as my underarms are due for hair removal. This is because went to Blogapalooza to give away a few of my business cards *ehem* that I newly designed and I’m proud off. Chose a few booths that ‘s beauty, fashion, food, or skincare related so I get to work with companies in my niche. I didn’t stay very long, there wasn’t that much to do there anyway promise. It’s free. It promises to be painless.  So why not try diba? My story ahead!

I had doubts. They always say it’s “pain free” or “painless” but it still hurts! I’ve been undergoing IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) treatments several times already in different places for my underarms. Take note that IPL is different from Diode. What’s the difference between IPL and Diode? With IPL, your hair still returns, only thinner. It’s just a notch higher than waxing. With Diode, it’s permanent hair removal. I hope I can try that soon.

So I went to the YSA Skin at Robinson’s Metro East and they were acommodating and answered all my questions. I believe an IPL treatment costs 1999php per session. I reviewed their YSA Green Papaya Soap before and I loved how it dried up my pimples.


Their IPL Machine



The cooling gel that’s FREEZING


They applied the cooling gel to protect my skin from the pain of the IPL. Oh boy this is a different pain though. The gel was freezing cold and it did numb my armpits.


You know what? It’s indeed painless. The hair removal is painless but that’s because of the super freezing gel they applied on my underarms that numbed my pits! When I used to do IPL before in other clinics, the pain is like a rubberband being snapped over and over on your skin. That’s how painful it is.



Thanks everyone! Haha! I’m so pambahay-mode! 🙂


I’m glad I won the raffle. O diba nakalibre ako ng IPL 🙂
I realized if there are raffles like this, or yung mga nasa mall. We should take chances. Walang mawawala diba? We all have that 1% chance. Agree?

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take”

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