Celebrate Your Love without Breaking The Bank

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you want to give the best to your beloved. Something that shows how much you treasure them, something to express your feelings for them. Some buy expensive gifts while some plan elaborate dates to convey their affection. Suddenly, reality hits next morning. It is just the middle of the month and you realize that you are already broke.

When it comes to love, it is the thought that matters and not the expense because you can’t buy love. So, let’s go through some Valentine’s Day Gift ideas, that will make your bond stronger without making a dent on your pocket.

1. Pronounce Your Love with Messages In Balloon

Write up what you love about your partner on pieces of paper and put these messages in balloons. Fill up the air in them and decorate as usual. While surprising your valentine with a flower and bouquet, ask them to prick any balloon. As they will hear the bang, a sweet love message will fall in for them. See them blushing while reading those messages you wrote from the bottom of the heart. You can try getting wholesale Balloons for discounts. 

2. Sing Your Heart Out On Karaoke Night

Plan a fun karaoke night at home or at your nearest bar and sing fun love sappy songs to each other. If you are planning to do it at home, include your loved one’s favourite tracks too. Have a couple of shots, start singing and watch them having fun of their life.

3. Volunteer

Giving back is the best form of love and what is better way to head out to the local charity and working for the unprivileged. Not only it will give you the feeling of contentment but also make the bond between you two even stronger. After all, love is more than just expensive dates and gifts.

4. Breakfast In Bed

Start the day with an act of love in the best way possible. Cook for them. Imagine how relax will your partner feel, if they don’t have too cook at all and are showered with love with breakfast in bed only! Bonus points for any heart shaped food.

5. Pamper Them With Hand Made Coupons

Note down all that your partner would love you to do for them (a head massage, pick the restaurant to eat, etc). Make coupons out of those ideas and gift it to your partner this valentine day which they can redeem any time.

6. Fun Filled Scavenger Hunt

Turn cheesy poetry into little clues and give them to your partner to solve. Once solved , the hint will take you two to a memorable place where you two spent some very romantic moments with each other. In this way, you can visit the a few unforgettable places and relive those incredible memories. The rush of this adventure will bring you two even closer.

7. Memories On A Fairy Light

Make a timeline of your relationship though photographs and hang them on a fairy light. Put on lights as a decoration on the wall. At night, switch of all the other lights and watch your relationship come alive from the very first days till the day. Just take each other in arms and  cuddle while looking at all those photographs and talking about how you fell in love with each other.


Love is not hard to express. You don’t need to spend money to show love, it is best expressed with thoughts, little gestures, affection and care.

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