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Sea Salt Treatment for Acne

*Disclaimer: I only use this as spot treatment and not to the whole face. Please check if you have allergies.

Oops! Don’t pop that pimple yet!

I have been sharing this tip to friends, relatives, and acquaintances at message boards, and I would like to share this to everyone! 🙂 It is the cheapest, yet most effective acne spot treatment that I have tried!

Do you notice that everytime you go to the beach and take a swim, after rinsing out your skin looks smooth glowing and fresh? It’s because pure sea salt have essential minerals for the skin that sometimes is put in expensive creams.


1. You need the following:

  • Sea Salt – Please use only sea salt, not rock, not iodized.
  • Purified or Mineral Water
  • Mixing Dish or Cup – Preferably ceramic, and CLEAN
  • Q-tip/ Cotton Swab

2. Mix in 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 1  tablespoon of water in the mixing dish

3.  Dip in your q-tip in the salt water mixture

4. Apply to spots, with slight pressure, careful it stings a little!

5. Leave overnight

When you wake up, your pimples should have dried. And when it is healed, it will leave no scar.


Leave in your comments if it also worked for you!


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