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Current Scent: Denenes Cologne and More Emo Things

I mentioned in a post I wrote a few months back that perfumes and scents trigger memories for people.
For women, it triggers a certain time. For men, it triggers a memory of a certain person. Amazing how our olfactory senses does this eh?

Still have that dream of growing old with the person I decided to spend the rest of my life with

I have quite a few perfumes and colognes in my drawers and all have a memory to share. I would love to tell you their stories once I’m ready. But for now, I got a new fragrance because all scents I currently own reminds me of memories, though happy, I would not like to remember for a while because I’m not sure if those will still re-occur, or remain a memory forever.

Dropping by at Watson’s looking for a fresh scent that reminds me of something I would like to remember again and again, and that is my childhood. Back in the days where I was around 5 years old in pre-school and my focus were school or toys; not love or boys. *sheesh had to rhyme!* 🙂

First thing I looked for was Nenuco, but I couldnt find a bottle, so luckily I grabbed a hold of Denenes cologne which had a similar scent. You literally smell like a freshly bathed baby who played in the sun but never smelled like sweat. Smells heavenly. Innocent. To tell you the truth since it’s cologne it lacks staying power that perfumes has but it feels so good putting it on you wouldnt mind the reapplication since putting it on again is really refreshing.

Apologies if this post may seem sad and sentimental. Hugs to everyone.

How about you? What is your favorite perfume and what does it remind you of? What scent makes you happy? Please do share your thoughts 🙂

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