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Easy DIY Grazing Table and Cheese Platter Perfect for Afternoon Snacks!


I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK. Bold period underline for emphasis. Okay I’m probably exaggerating but the real reason is sheer laziness and trauma to burns. But I wanted to treat Ryan and his friends for a simple but special afternoon snack. I thought about going the easy way out and ordering through a delivery service, but I wanted something more personal somehow. Something I actually prepared myself.

According to my foodie friends, there’s no easier way to impress and satisfy guests than with a scrumptious cheese platter!

On recent blogger events that I’ve been to, I notice they lay out a delicious spread of fruits, cured meat, assortment of cheeses, biscuits and wine. A grazing table. It’s basically the eye-candy of the dining world and trending everywhere. Each grazing table flatlay looks amazingly photogenic as well! A feast for both the eyes and the stomach. It looks complicated but it’s actually easy to prepare (I think LOL) so A GRAZING TABLE IT IS FOR RYAN AND HIS FRIENDS!

What Do You Need to Buy?

Since this will be the first time I’ll be preparing a grazing table we’ll just stick with the basics. Feel free to add/subtract to the list below as these are just my selections:

  • Choose a wide variety of cheeses. (my selection below)
  • A wooden board – Anything placed on wood looks millenial and chic
  • Fruits – I picked red and green grapes for simplicity
  • Crackers – Saltines and round buttered crackers are my fave!

A perfect simple table consists of different flavors and textures. The sweetness of the fruits accompanies the saltiness of the cheese. The crisp texture of the crackers blends well with the cheese’s soft creaminess! If you have a bigger budget. GO WILD!



You can start with the following selection of cheeses:

  • Raw Jalapeno Jack
  • San Joaquin Gold
  • Creamy Jack
  • Bandage Wrapped Cheddar
  • Swiss Style Lionza

MAKE SURE YOU BUY QUALITY CHEESE and DAIRY! Now you may get overwhelmed like I did when you go inside a supermarket. With all the brands in different packaging. How can you be sure what you’ll be getting is top quality? Find the ones with the Real California Milk Seal. Because when you see the Real California Milk Seal you’ll feel good that the product is certified made using 100% Real California Milk . Here’s why.


#LookForTheSeal #RealCaliforniaMilkPhilippines

Did you know that California is home to 1,300 dairy farms where 99% of which are family-owned? Northern California’s climate offers a lot of pasture-based grazing while in sunny Central and Southern California, farms use free stall barns.They make sure that the cows are happy and healthy. Because stressed cows produce little to no milk at all.  Fans and misters keep the cows cool, and they have access to shade, food and water 24/7.

California is the country’s leading producer of milk, ice cream, butter, nonfat dry milk and whey protein concentrate and is the second largest producer of cheese and yogurt!

What to do?

You can simply do what we did! Slice the cheeses, arrange them with the grapes and crackers. Partner it with wine if you please 🙂









This cheese platter is easy and a no-brainer to prepare. Even for someone like me who’s *cough* lazy. I just make sure I buy quality cheese and dairy. Haha! Simple joys. Look how happy they are myself included. They walked in the room saying “WOW! CHEESE PLATTER?!”

California dairy products are available at the following membership shopping stores in the Philippines:

  • S&R Membership Shopping
  • Landers Superstore
  • Robinsons Supermarket
  • SM Hypermarket
  • Merkado Supermarket
  • Unimart Supermarket

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