Eau my Gold! Paco Rabanne Give-away and I’m a New Swiftie!

 Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold will be available end of November. 50ml (P5,100) and 40ml (P4,100)

The Christmas season is making everyone more generous no? If you remember my post on Paco Rabanne’s One Million and Lady Million fragrances which was more emotional than usual, I mentioned that I was hoping for a youthful version of Lady Million. Wish granted! Straight from their perfumery. Give-away at the end of the post.

On a personal note, I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift from her 1989 Album, I’m especially digging the song “Blank Space” because it’s so damn relatable. I can relate to 100% of the lyrics. What makes Taylor incredibly unique and likeable is that she’s very relatable. Sometimes you don’t need to have a perfect voice with a wide vocal range just to entertain. Passion and relatability. Two aspects that’s enthralling and sexy. This fragrance reminds me of the new Taylor. I’m gonna share the video and the lyrics for you guys! The song has been on loop 100x++ now.


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It comes in a sleek transparent shot-glass with gold liquid inside. Looks so much like a tequila shot don’t you think? Capped off with gold emobossed with “Eau My Gold!” with an elegant script. It feels so luxurious to touch. Something nice to bring out of your purse, except that the perfume lasts a long time so a spray 

When I just think the building background is too fancy to pass up


Luxury and hedonism that the original represents have been replaced by inspirations of festive mood and somewhat simpler pleasures. The composition is created byAnne Flipo with upper notes of mango, neroli, bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, upon the heart of violet leaf and orange blossom

Cheers! With my Taylor Swift Inspired top.


When worn, this perfume makes me feel young and sophisticated. A combination I thought was difficult to pull off because youth and sophistication don’t mix easily. Imagine yourself wearing a flowy white dress and gold stilettos. It’s also incredibly sexy and fresh. This might kick off Narcisso Rodriguez from its top spot on my list. It lasts the whole day and evolves slowly all throughout. When worn during daytime, it sparkles of passion fruit and mango, then dries down to a warm wood, musk and amber with hints of citrus popping out from time to time.  A good check to know if your perfume is right for you if when someone gives you a compliment that you smell good. I wore this for the first time the other day and a friend told me “You smell good, what are you wearing?”  It’s a flexible fragrance you can wear from day to night.
They are tagging this as a “cocktail fragrance” because of the selection and fusion of different extracts similar to an alcoholic drink. Thus inspiring the shot-glass like packaging. It’s so nice to have it as an addition to my perfume bottle collection! It lasts a good 8-12 hours upon sprayed, the strong burst of fresh fruits will last you a good 30 minutes. The perfume is reminding me of what Taylor Swift would be wearing for her 1989 Album. Young. Playful. Sexy.


Hooray! Get a chance to win 25,000 worth of Paco Rabanne Fragrances (including this lovely Eau my Gold!) by joining my contest! Simply click the link above and follow the rafflecopter instructions.
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  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    If happiness would be fanstasy? I think it's my family and loved ones whom I shared with my achievements and happiness in life. There's nothing in the world family and friends bring happiness in my life. πŸ™‚

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    Happiness would be having a bungalow house with financial stability and happily married with my husband until the death do us part while my daughter is studying with educational achievements

  • Monica Ayungao

    Happiness of being contended in everything. Just living a life to the fullest. Living with a simple yet family and friends and keeping the STRONG faith in God πŸ™‚ <3

  • hersh_hershele

    If happiness would be fantasy? I think being around my mom, dad, and brother would be my best answer. Being far away from them for many Christmas-es and birthdays is so hard and its even harder for me to get used to the reality that they are in the US and i am here in Manila. But not complaining because I have the most wonderful and perfect boyfriend and my other relatives who stood by me and who gave me all their love and support.

  • Aileen Barcarse

    my ultimate fantasy- to be financially stable (and not worry about money ever! πŸ™‚ ) and be physically fit πŸ™‚ happiness too for me and my family if we don't have to worry about our health.

  • Miharu

    "What if happiness were the ultimate fantasy, what would yours be?"

    Hmmm. That would be when I attain my medical license and pass the USMLE. Not only will it make my dreams come true, it would also make my parents happy (specially my dad who's now in heaven with Papa God. He has been that one fan that motivated me to pursue whatever my heart goes for).

  • Ma.Jeanna Constantino

    When taylor Swift's 1989 Album was realesed, and heard of SHAKE IT OFF..that's when I finally admit to myself that yeah i'm almost a Swiftie. Hahaha! You're right about how relatable her songs are. Feeling ko talaga para sakin yung Album nya! LSS ako sa BLANK SPACE thanks to Play fm 99.5 at naka move on na ako sa SHAKE IT OFF nya. Hahaha!

  • Apoljane Quirante

    I'd rather choose to be happy and be beautiful. Happy in a way that it will satisfy me and my love ones not only because the achievements but the failures and lessons I've learned.. And be beautiful, if possible, I want to be pretty in eternity!

  • chinky_baguette

    Being surrounded by people that I love and seeing all street children and stray cats and dogs have a family that they can call their own

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