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Effective Methods To Sleep Better


Getting a good night of quality sleep is as vital as regular exercise and a balanced diet. However, a good night’s rest is often a far off luxury for most of us, especially when considering that insomnia and other sleep conditions are increasingly more common and can result from everyday stress and anxiety. Research confirms that lack of proper sleep will have an immediate negative impact on brain functions as hormones are affected. A good night’s rest is proven to encourage optimal physical and mental performance and these effective methods will help improve both sleep quality and quantity to ensure that you are able to rest every night. 


Consider A Memory Foam Mattress

One of the main reasons most of us battle to get quality sleep is lack of comfort. In addition to lack of comfort, motion disturbances often cause us to wake up numerous times throughout the night. By opting for a gel memory foam mattress you can optimize your level of comfort and prevent motion disturbances effectively. These mattresses are somewhat similar to regular memory foam mattresses, although, they tend to offer additional comfort as heat build-up is reduced. This type of memory foam mattress will keep you cool while you sleep and ensure maximum comfort is possible. There are several great health benefits associated with these quality mattresses that suggest they are a top choice for regular quality sleep. 


Reduce Caffeine Consumption

It’s no secret that caffeine will keep you up at night. It is best to avoid coffee, tea, and energy drinks later in the day to prevent caffeine from ruining your ability to fall asleep at night. As caffeine is a stimulant, opting to consume any amount later in the day will reduce your bodies ability to relax in the evenings. Research shows that consuming caffeine six hours prior to sleep will significantly reduce sleep quality, which suggests that cutting caffeine consumption altogether will help you sleep better at night.


Try Chamomile Tea In The Evenings

Chamomile tea has been used for several years to improve sleep quality as it contains beneficial properties that are able to induce calm and relaxation. The proven effects of chamomile will ensure sleep is possible through ultimate relaxation. While commercial medications often cause unpleasant side effects and may result in addiction, natural solutions such as chamomile tea and melatonin 5mg supplements are often far more suitable solution.


Regulating The Temperature In Your Bedroom

Body temperature and bedroom temperature can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep. Surprisingly, studies have confirmed that the effects of temperature will influence sleep quality more than external noise. The most ideal temperatures for a good night’s rest is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 20 degrees Celcius. 


Regulating bedroom temperatures, cutting down on caffeine consumption, and opting for a quality mattress are all effective methods of improving the quality of your sleep in general. In addition to these great methods, you should ensure that your sleep environment is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Paying attention to smaller details in your sleep environment, such as the type of fabric you sleep on, can also aid a great night of sleep. If you are still keen to learn more, you can check this article on increasing your quality of sleep

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