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Money Saving Life Hacks That Actually Works



When it comes to saving, the phrase is better said than done. With the modern economy becoming expensive day-in, day-out, it has become vitally crucial for individuals to cut on their spending and save some bucks so that they can spur growth and live the kind of life they want.


Here are some insightful tips on how to save your hard-earned cash:

1. Drink More Water

Dehydration can trigger a false feeling of hunger that makes you yearn for food and beverages. Drinking more water makes you feel satisfied and helps you save the cash you have used in food and drinks.

2. Make Use of the Typical Clothesline

Instead of using an electric dryer, hang your clothes outside and you could save a considerable amount of the cash you pay as electricity bill.


3. Erase Your Browsing History after Shopping Online

Online companies use caches and browser’s history to predict ones buying behavior and raise the prices accordingly. So clearing the browser’s cache and history are among some great saving tips you should adopt. In addition, ensure that you make payments using the guest option rather than signing up for an account since new customers are welcomed with a ton of incentives.


4. Plant Trees in Your Backyard

Trees can help you save up to 35% on your air conditioning bill. Trees block the sunlight during summer and prevent your house from warming up.

5. Keep Your Desktop Computer and TV’s Brightness on the Low

Besides helping to keep your eyes healthy, lowering the brightness of your monitor and HDTV is also among. It can help consume power by up to 40%.

6. Cash Payments

According to research, paying for goods and services using cash will help you cut down your expenses. Unlike credit card payment, cash payments allow you to see whatever you are spending, thus allow you to do it with moderation.

7. Brew Coffee at Home

Instead of dishing out $3 for a cup of coffee at the nearby coffee shop, try to brew your coffee at home, and you can save hundreds of dollars annually.

8. Work on Your Credit Score

Since your credit history determines the rates on loans, as well as the monthly premium charged by insurance and utility companies, you should work to build it up.

9. Shortlist the Things You Want Before Going Shopping

Having a list of the things you wish to buy beforehand, ensures that you won’t buy things that you don’t need. Use the grocery store’s flier to make your list so that you can add stuff offered at a discount.

10. Work Out Regularly

As research indicates, exercise help to keep your health in check, thereby reducing your trips to the doctor. This can reduce medical bills significantly.

11. Make purchases at the end of the month


Making large purchases at the end of the month means you can get discounts and also avoid impulse buying. This can help you save some bucks which you would’ve spent on impulse goods.



If you incorporate these life hacks into your lifestyle, you can potentially save thousands of dollars which you can put in profitable investments. The best thing about these money saving tips is the fact that they only require small tweaks of your daily routine, but their results are worthwhile. It is not essential that you apply it with your daily life, so, select those that work for you and put them to practice.


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