Effective Ways to Get Straight Hair Overnight


Hair has for the longest time now been a fundamental part of the beauty industry, with new trends coming up every year. As fashion experts and hairstylists work day and night to figure out new hair care routines along with new products for proper hair maintenance, women are all over checking out different hairstyles to befit the different seasons.

Even then, every woman has dreamt, at one point or the other, of having straight hair. With the notion of heat application causing hair damage, people have become a little more reserved in considering different hair straightening mechanisms. Overall, is there any way to straighten your hair overnight without necessarily damaging it? As a matter of fact, there are several effective ways to get your hair straight overnight, among them the following:


Wrapping your hair

Figure 1 wrapping style

The wrapping style is one convenient way to straighten your natural hair, particularly if you have a long mane. Ideally, all you need is to brush out your hair strands until they are very must tangle-free. Now, depending on your hair type, you may consider doing so on wet or damp hair, after using the Pureology shampoo, as most people find it a lot easier to manage than dry hair.

Once your hair is tangle free, part your hair into sections, then wrap them around your head in one direction. The trick is to take the section on the top of one side of your head and comb over another part to the other side of your head. At the end of the day, all your hair should have moved in one direction. From here, hold the tips of the last wrapped section of hair with some bobby pins. You then want to wrap a scarf on it, preferably a silk scarf, to reduce frizz while protecting the hairstyle.

Because of the stretch of the different sections of your hair, your curls will be straight, especially considering that after washing your hair, there is some level of shrinkage. Further, since most of the hair is protected as you wrap them around each other, you are less likely to have tangles in the hair tips.


Roll your hair

Figure 2 rolling your hair for the night

It is incredible that people think of rollers are only useful in adding curls into the styling process. However, depending on the size of the rollers you pick out, they can end up straightening your hair with ease. When you put rollers on your hair, ensure they are securely held in place, but more so, that the hair dries off completely before you remove the rollers.

Remember that any slight moisture you leave in your hair will aid the curling process, which will work to your disadvantage when you are seeking straight hair. Remember to pick out good quality rollers that will not end up tangling and breaking your hair strands.


Using elastic bands

Figure 3 how to put in elastic bands

This is perhaps one of the most common technique for straitening hair among natural hair women. The elastic bands are needful in holding the hair strands in one place, preventing the curls from reforming when the hair bounces back to its natural and comfortable curly self.

Ideally, before you put in your elastic bands, make sure you comb your hair until it is tangle free. Putting in an elastic band on tangled hair will make the process difficult to handle as the elastic band will cling on the tangled parts of your hair.

Depending on the length of your hair, section it into two or three parts. The goal is to achieve equal parts that can be properly secured with an elastic band without leaving out some stray hairs. Follow that with keenly brushing the hair strand. Once your hair is straight enough, add in elastic bands in intervals, in a way to ensure that the entire length of your hair is covered and will not shrink back when you sleep.

Make a low bun

A bun is the easiest way to get your hair straight overnight. Technically, it does not help in straightening the hair, but rather in reducing shrinkage and tangles that are likely to happen if you leave your hair free for the night. The good thing with a low bun is that it allows your hair to build up in volume, without putting too much tension on your scalp.

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