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Leggings: Tips, Guide, And Care


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Leggings have become common in the 21st-century reason being, they are an outfit loved by many. Ladies might be in different shapes, sizes and have different tastes but the leggings unite so many of them. To get your optimal fit, you must at least know how to go about it. Looking at the sizes and deciding that you want a particular size is not enough. Always look for a size that you will be comfortable in as well as feel good and free. Therefore, you must know the leggings fit attributes


Leggings Fitting Attributes

  • The waistband should be elastic free. Lack of comfortability is something that so many ladies suffer from having chosen the poor waistband. Elastic-free means that you will be comfortable, avoid any kind of digging and also leggings slipping. Let the wear be flawless.
  • Consider a triangular gusset. Riding up of a legging can be so annoying. To have a great movement and avoid any riding up, investing in triangular gusset is wise.


How To Get The Right Measurements

Measurement is the best way to be sure of your leggings size and shape. You might never know the right legging until you take a step to measure. You can measure by yourself or have an expert like tuffwomen do it for you.  If you are considering doing the measurement by yourself, below are some of the tips for correct measurements

  1. Learn about different sizes

Leggings come in different sizes and shapes. Unless you learn about the sizes first, you might not know how to locate your size after measurement.  Below is the list of the sizes in inches and sizes in centimeters. Sizes range according to the country. For example, we have the international sizing and sizes defined in centimeters and inches. Both are categorized in small, medium, large, extra-large and so on.

  1. Get the right fit

Without the right legging fit, you will never stay and feel comfortable. Therefore, the right fit is what all of you should be investing in. you can easily get your leggings to size by doing the following measurements

  • Measure the inseam

You should always keep in mind that the inseam measurements are based on a regular inseam. Start from the scotch to your legs. After the measurements, do not forget to write down your findings.

  • The hip

The hip is also a very important part of measurements. If you get the hip wrong, you might end up not having the right fit. Or the legging might not even fit at all. Also, make sure you do it right. To do it, stand very straight and with your feet together. Measure the waist and make sure the tape is parallel to the floor. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can consider seeking professional help. Your hip measurements are the best in deciding the best leggings for you.

  • Waist

Measure the narrowest part of your waist. Make sure that the waist is kept horizontally.

Size selection

After you have done and finished the measurements, it will be time to now select the best size for your leggings. It is possible that your measurements might be in between two different sizes. If that is the case,you can settle on the smaller size to achieve a tighter outfit. If you prefer a loose outfit, you can settle on the larger size. It is very easy to choose the size of your leggings after you have the right measurements. You can settle on a size that you are comfortable with.


Leggings care

Just like any other clothes, leggings should be taken care of. There are so many ways through which one can care for their leggings. Below are some of the ways to take care

  • Rinse your leggings with a gentle circle
  • The detergent used to wash the leggings should be gentle
  • Use cold water to wash your leggings


As much as leggings are just like any other fashion clothes, one must be very careful when selecting one. You must choose the correct size and the correct shape fitting for your body. Blending is also the biggest weapon when choosing leggings. With little tips, you will have the right one for you.

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