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Engagement Ring Facts – Trends Throughout Time

Time Pieces

Anyone interested in history is bound to know something about the reasons behind changes in trends in some of the more common products bought in bygone years and are still popular today such as diamond jewelry. But although some history buffs planning to pop the question to the special person in their life are interested in rings of betrothal worn by ancient Egyptians, most men on a mission to buy an engagement ring will be more interested in more recent trends.

Many of the guys who would like to know more about the different trends in engagement rings over the decades are likely to look on the internet for ideas. A quick search will lead you to websites providing insights into the choices made by people purchasing engagement rings over the years. They can be quite useful for betrothal band buyers who would like some inspiration before making a decision on the design of engagement ring to get the woman in their life.

Edwardian Style

Of course, there are plenty of things that can influence the kind of jewellery we buy including the design of engagement rings. The Edwardian style, for example, has influenced the many of pieces of jewellery at the start of the 20th century. Moreover, a lot more people were able to afford good quality and well-made jewellery as the industrial revolution led to huge growth in the middle class and the production of affordable products.

Art Deco

While it may be fair that during the mid-twentieth century, America led the way with designs of Art Deco engagement ring, other parts of the world saw women of various social standings opting for these styles in betrothal bands. The combination of diamonds and colored gems became a rage, as people opted for strong sharp lines and, in place of one large center stone, several smaller diamonds were preferred to optimize impact on admirers.

Guys planning to pay AE Design Jewellery in Sydney a visit after making up their mind on the style of engagement ring to get will be able to find something suitable for this significant time in a relationship. Whether we are after a classic cushion halo design or classic solitaire style, we should be able to purchase the sort of ring our future wife will be pleased with.

Modern Times

As many experts in engagement ring trends of modern times will agree with, solitaire diamonds on platinum bands have been the ‘classic’ engagement ring style at the turn of the century. Having said that, by 2010, Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring was once again in the spotlight when Prince William used it to propose to Kate Middleton, which led to a demand in coloured gemstones to be used in engagement ring designs.

Anyone who is thinking about the various kinds of precious and semi-precious metals for the engagement ring design they most favour would be wise to look online for one of the more reputable providers of bespoke designs in beautifully crafted engagement rings.

Future Trends

The popularity of rose gold, according to many of the experts in trends in engagement ring designs, doesn’t look like it is going to fade anytime soon, and neither will that of coloured gemstones. And apparently, slowly making a comeback are vintage-inspired styles and delicate detailing, and should be expected to be the sought-after styles for at least a few more years to come.

Some of the anticipated designs of engagement rings for the near future are listed below:

  • Coloured stones such as rubies, pink sapphires and yellow diamonds

  • Vintage cuts including oval and emerald options

  • White diamond centre stones

  • Yellow gold and rose gold metal bands

  • Halo settings with unique shapes

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