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Miss Universe 2012

When women nowadays go to the extreme to achieve perfection. Is everything really skin deep nowadays? Is being physically attractive everything on being a woman? The impact of media and society is taking its toll. This is just not happening in South America. I assume this is also happening with a lot of women in the Philippines. Model, celebrities, even ordinary people.

I do not want to be a hypocrite and say this has not entered my mind. What’s holding me back is when after everything is sewn and done, I do not want to see myself in the mirror and not recognize who I am, but only see what I am, false perfection.

This is a video documentary on the drastic measures women go through to attain their goal of being a beauty queen. It’s not as glamorous as we see on pageants.

Watch this video or not. Let me hear your thoughts. Tell me what you think.

As I have mentioned in my previous article. There would also be a number of people who would say that beauty is subjective. It would depend on the other person who is looking at you. You can be attracted to a person for a moment, but in time, other factors will come into play. Isn’t it unfair that in order for a guy to approach you, you have to attract them on a physical basis first? While men can rely on their wit, charm, intellect, wealth, power, strategies, and what have yous. One of the many double standards that women just have to sit. wait. be pretty. Unfair, but that’s reality.


“It is always easier to obtain than to keep.” – Kikaysikat


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