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Fit in Fashion: How To Choose The Perfect Skinny Jeans For Your Body Type


A part of me wishes there are one-size-fits-all jeans. But unfortunately, there are not. Why? Ever since I started weight lifting, my lower body became BIGGER. The jeans that I used to were no longer fit. I had the “problem” of having a (large bust, slim waist, and rounded hips – like the ones here.

Finding the perfect narrow-legged, denim jeans with a body-hugging fit can be life-changing. However, its far from easy. If you don’t want to end up with an extremely unflattering pair of skinny jeans, the trick is simple – just follow your body type.

How To Choose The Perfect Skinny Jeans For Your Body Type


1. You have an athletic build

Women who love to hit the gym and work on their physique and have athletic figures (straight torso, few curves, muscular legs) should pick jeans that make the waist smaller and add more room to the thighs. The best fit would be jeans with slim leg tapered design.

2. You have a round build

Apple-shaped or plus-size women that have extra weight around the midsection are advised to combine long or flowy tops with cuts that button up comfortably below the belly button.


3. You have a curvy build

Women with the hourglass shape should strive for comfort. These women who have fuller thighs, wider hips, and a slim waist need to make sure the waistband of their skinny jeans fits adequately and it’s comfortable. The best choice would be stylish dark or indigo blue jeans. Plus, black goes with everything so you won’t have issues combining the jeans.

4. You have a triangular build

Pear-shaped women who have a small waist with larger hips and thighs would look amazing in a pair of jeans that features a contoured waistband.  Combine these jeans with long shirts or tunics that will create a flattering silhouette.

5. You have an inverted triangular build

Women with wide shoulders and thin hips and legs should look for jeans that are very tight in the hip area and stay tight through the ankle. Don’t choose plain jeans; buttons, bows, and rips will make everything more exciting.

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