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Best App for Wendler 5/3/1 – Workout for Busy Women Like Me


Here I am finally warmed up to share with you what workout routine I’ve been doing the past 4 months, along with my newfound passion in wrestling. To cut it short, I found the best wendler 5/3/1 app for android and it’s the perfect workout routine for busy women like me. If you see the photo I used above, it’s a comparison of my 2012 body vs 2016 body. I’ve had my share of ups and downs and progress but as of today, it’s a must to be consistent.


A lot of readers are asking me how I’ve gotten so fit and more muscular despite my HUGE appetite for food (you see me posting food porn on my instagram all the time).  It’s this simple, if you deprive yourself of food your metabolism becomes slower making you FATTER. If you eat right and lift weights, your metabolism becomes a lean mean machine making you gain muscle and look sexier. (See: Project Sexy)

Before I divulge all the details on what this Wendler 5/3/1 is all about, let me give you a heed of advice that if you’re going to start with this program YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT. You cannot expect noticeable gains/changes in a few weeks. Wait for at least 3 months before switching to another workout routine. IF you’re lazier than expected, head on to my 10 Minute Conditioning Workout instead.

You also need to be familiar with the 4 Big Lifts (Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress, Military Press) before you start the program. ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? LET’s GO!


 Philosophy 5/3/1

The core philosophy behind 5/3/1 revolves around the basic tenets of strength training that have stood the test of time.

Basic Multi-Joint Lifts

The bench press, parallel squat, deadlift, and standing press have been the staples of any strong man’s repertoire. Those who ignore these lifts are generally the people who suck at them. If you get good at those, you’ll get good at other stuff, as they have such a huge carryover.

Starting Light

While it may seem counterintuitive to take weight off the bar when the goal is to add weight to it, starting lighter allows you more room to progress forward. This is a very hard pill to swallow for most lifters. They want to start heavy and they want to start now.

This is nothing more than ego, and nothing will destroy a lifter faster, or for longer, than ego.

Progress Slowly

This ties in with starting light, and it keeps lifters who want to get big and strong yesterday from sabotaging their own progress.

People want a program that will add 40 pounds to their bench in eight weeks. When I ask how much their bench went up in the last year, they hang their heads in shame.

Break Personal Records

5/3/1 is set up to allow you to break a variety of repetition records throughout the year. Notice that it’s “rep records” and not “one-rep max.” Most people live and die by their one-rep max. To me, this is foolish and short sighted.

If your squat goes from 225 x 6 to 225 x 9, you’ve gotten stronger.

Best App for Wendler 5/3/1

2016-10-11 09_01_28-Wendler 531 Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

Now that you know the basics, I wouldn’t let you dive into information overload and just let you head on straight to this wonderful app that does all the dirty work for you. There are many Wendler 5/3/1 applications in android but this has got to be the best, straight forward, no fuss tool to download.

Best App for Wendler 5/3/1: (download link)

Workout Videos for the Big Lifts: (Mark Rippetoe teaches so well)

I got the paid version because it gives you access to supplemental workouts and track your progress along. I just finished my first month and made incredible progress. The wendler 5/3/1 is something you can do for the long term as the program lasts long as 1 year and just increase weights or change the routine as needed. It’s quite flexible.


2016-10-11 09_01_04-Wendler 531 Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

I hope you learned a lot today and enjoyed this post! Happy lifting! ^_^



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