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Feminine Mist from BEAUTY LIBRARY Review!

Hiyeeeeeee! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s a special one because we’ll be reviewing something new to our senses. Feminine Mist. *insert shock emoji* I keep on seeing ads from my feed showing this intriguing product; BEAUTY LIBRARY Feminine Mist (SRP: 189 for 30ml 249 for 50ml). The ads are effective! I bought one in Watson’s a few weeks ago. Here’s my honest-to-goodness for y’all today.

This review is #NOTSPONSORED

What is a Feminine Mist?

A feminine mist is like a regular face mist but for your vagina. It refreshes, cleanses, and hydrates your cooch with an antibacterial formula. Unlike a feminine wash, they don’t need to be rinsed off and can be applied anytime you’re feeling a little discomfort or sweaty down there. (Description from:

My Thoughts and Review

Don’t worry. I’m not going to post a vagina-selfie with the product! HAHAHA! Well I got the rose-scented variant because I love the smell of roses and like the color pink. I’m easy to please. The ingredients look promising, see below:

beauty library feminine mist ingredients

How does it work for me? I spritz a bit after shower. I also spritz everytime I go pee. That simple. Compared to not using a feminine mist. This literally leaves my vajayjay feeling clean and smelling clean. Especially during pre-period and red days when we have extra secretions. The rose scent isn’t strong or overpowering. If you can imagine sniffing from a rosebud. It gives off that faint scent.

Seldom to I find myself “itchy” down there too!

beauty library feminine mist

Beauty Library’s Feminist Feminine Mist is god sent for someone like me who travels a lot. Whether just to pick up Geof from school, or go to meetings or blog events. I hate using pantyliners, and sometimes wiping off with tissue doesn’t leave myself feeling “fresh” enough.

Overall I always keep a bottle in my bag handy. I bought the small bottle last month and it’s still half-full because you only need a little spritz down there.

Highly recommend this innovative product. Macho Mom approved!





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