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Belo Nutraceutecals. It DOES WORK

Since I’ve been so paranoid about aging ever since I hit my 20’s I decided to try Belo Nutraceutecals a shot.
It promises skin lightening, anti aging, and detoxification for pure youthful skin.

This is not a paid advertisement as the pills were sponsored by my auntie haha 🙂 Her hard earned money, and sometimes mine too.

It costs around 45 pesos per pill and they instructed to use it 2x a day. I’m trying to cut costs so I just take a pill a day since I’m not that heavy anyway and 250mg of glutathione is just alright for my weight of 43kg.

A month after taking it, I just noticed this today, I thought it was just my bb cream before. But earlier this morning, under natural lighting, I checked in the mirror and saw flecks of sparkle on my face.

Is it glitter?

I just took a bath, cleansed my face and put nothing on my face.

It it shimmer?

My skin looked luminous!!! Luminous is the perfect term to describe it. It was all healthy and glowing, not like before that I needed to use a highlighters just to look ‘fresh’ and ‘awake’

I tried several brands of glutathione before and it’s the first time that I saw visible effects this fast!

It’s not so much noticeable in pictures so it won’t make so much sense posting it, and my camera is crappy anyway. But this is probably the best brand of beauty pill that I’ve tried.


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