flormar satin matte blush
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Flormar’s Satin Matte Blush Review Photos and Swatches

flormar satin matte blush
flormar satin matte blush

Do you still remember how your school chalkboard/blackboard feels like? Smooth but has just enough grain for the chalk to stick to. This is how I felt when I swiped my fingers on Flormar’s Satin Matte Blush. I currently own 2 shades so let me give a quick review and swatch for you guys.

I tried google-ing for a few more photos and description but it looks like I’ll be the first to do so. Let’s start?

You can buy Flormar Cosmetics at SM Beauty. I think they’re exclusively available in SM Deparment Stores nationwide. It hails from the beautiful country of Turkey and claims to have trendy quality products at an affordable price.

Flormar Satin Matte Blush Photos, Swatches, & Review


So far, I believe these blushers come in 2 shades: Rose Coral and Pure Peach. The smooth powder is enclosed in a light plastic material with a small mirror and brush inside. The brush included is rough, scratchy, and wastes a lot of product. I suggest recycling it or throwing it out.


Rose Coral


Pure Peach


Swatch Top-Bottom: Pure Peach, Rose Coral

The shades do not differ much. Rose Coral being deeper and redder in tones while Pure Peach, just like its namesake has more orange tones. Both can be applied with a light hand to produce a natural sun-kissed flush.


Photo credits to www.florianbeauty.com

The quality of the blush’s powder makes up for the tacky packaging and useless brush. The colors are rich and yes the overused term, pigmented. You only need light taps using your brush to produce a beautiful flush on your cheeks. It’s 0% shimmer 100% matte which I find rare nowadays.

This blush is great if you have oily skin because the color sort of melts with your skin’s natural oil making your face look effervescent. Acne prone skin will also benefit this as because it doesn’t have any shimmer, it won’t highlight any bumps or pimples. The only “con” is it doesn’t adhere as long as I wanted to. It lasted on me 2 hours tops even with using a setting powder on top. I have combination skin mind you. I don’t know why it faded so quickly. Unfortunate coz the colour is gorgeous! With it, I guess I have to retouch more often. Maybe it’s the summer humid weather?




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