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Which Hair Removal Method Is Best For You?

There are so many ways, in which you can care for your own personal fuzz. The question lies on which method or fuzz-fighting technique to use. As some are long-lasting, while others are expensive, complicated, time-consuming and even painful.

However, you also have to take into consideration why hair grows in the first place, as it is highly beneficial for warmth, hygiene, and protection against friction. Nonetheless, most people often prefer to remove them be it on their legs, armpits, thighs or arms.

Depending on where you prefer less hair or none. You can opt for any of these hair removal methods. If you find a safe one for your body, try to stick to it, as hair removal can be a pain.

  1. Depilatory Cream for Hair Removal

This is a cost-effective and simple way to remove hair from the leg region, chin, and upper lip. It is best suited for beginners. However, always opt for depilatory creams formulated for the face, as they are gentler and safe than those meant for legs.

This cream works by breaking down your hair for an easy wash. Therefore, you will have to use it in the bathroom, as it can be messy.

Compared to other hair removal methods, this cream is painless, with no blood shedding. This makes it perfect for removing body hair in hard to reach places.

You can do a patch test for any allergies, before applying it where you want to remove hair. Use its label for proper timing, before scraping it off with the plastic device or just shower.

However, its effects are not long-lasting, so expect hair to start growing after 2-3 days.

  1. Epilation for Removal of Body Hair

This involves using an electrical device for hair removal. As much as it is among the most painful methods for hair removal, the effects are long-term, up to 4 weeks. Nonetheless, the more you use it, the less it hurts.

Besides, it has mechanically operated tweezers that pluck hair in less sensitive areas like the legs. In addition, epilators can be of use either wet or dry. You just brush a towel on the area, to lift the hair roots, as epilation works by removing at least 0.5mm of hair from its roots.

  1. Shaving To Remove Hair from Your Body

This is the most common method of hair removal, as it is cheap, quick and easy. For a smooth and clean shave, moisturize the area with a shaving gel or use a razor with moisture bars.

Moreover, always pull taught in sensitive areas where the skin is less-firm. You can soak the hair for 2-3 minutes before you start to glide the blade against the direction in which the hair grows.

The results do not last long, 2-3 days for a wet shave and 24 hours for a dry shave, but this depends on your skin pattern. Besides, you can always use the same razor up to 10 times before disposing of.

  1. Waxing For Hair Removal

Just like epilation, waxing is a bit painful. You can apply it in any part of your body, to remove unwanted hair but it will hurt more in sensitive areas.

This method also removes hair from its roots, so exfoliation is necessary in order to lift the hair roots for an easier procedure. You should get an expert to do it for you, no matter the area you want to wax.

Moreover, you should be hydrated prior to the deed day. Also, check your cycle as days near your period will make the process painful. Likewise, ensure you have enough hair for a proper grip and removal of the entire hair.

Waxing can last up to 6-weeks. As for the eyebrows, once a month of proper waxing is sufficient.

  1. Tweezing To Remove Body Hair

You should always have tweezers in your bathroom or in your beauty bag, as tweezing can help you maintain a neat eyebrow, as well as remove disruptive hair in any part of your body.

However, it is best at tackling one hair strand at a time. Therefore, if you have large amounts of hair to remove, use alternative methods of hair removal and only use the tweezers for any remaining hair strands.

Tweezing requires your pores opened. Always tweeze in the direction of the hair growth to prevent breakage. Take the tweezers between your thumb and forefinger then grasp the hair and tug. As for brow hairs never tug or yank them. Just use tweezers with a neat precision tip to simply isolate, lift and grab.

After you are done, swipe a cold flannel on the area to close the pores, as well as prevent infections, and redness.

You should also consider the type of hair you are removing, as longer coarse hair requires a slant tip tweezers. While stubble-like and baby-fine hair require the point tweezers, as they have finer tips. Find more about hair removal at Dore Aesthetics.


There are many other options, you can opt for, you just have to experiment one method after the other. Depending on your skin, and how fast your hair grows, you can easily determine the best hair removal method for long-term results.

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