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Food: Cadburry Chocolate Mallows and Digestives

Who here goes to the grocery with a shopping list and then comes out with a whole lotta products and food not in the list and we don’t actually need? Raise your hands!!!!

*raises hands* Guilty mam!
When I swore to go on a low-carb diet, my sweet tooth failed me once again as I purchased a couple of dangerous treats to snack on @_@
First up is Cadburry Chocolate Mallows.
Yep, that’s not it. But every time chocolate mallows is mentioned. This particular brand never fails to give me nostalgia. It’s a treat my grandpa gives us when we’re obedient kids. Cadburry’s are smaller than Nebisco’s and would you believe, it doesn’t taste any better? Nebisco still wins hands down as best chocolate mallows.
Digestives, coming from the root word digest. They’re supposedly biscuits to aid digestion. It supposed to be a healthy variation of a cookie. But when combined with cadbury chocolate? I have my doubts. But it does taste really good. It has 80 calories per biscuit so eat in moderation.
How about you guys? What do you pick up in groceries that’s not in your list? 🙂 Would love to hear your grocery mishaps!

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