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Effective Fat BINDER (not burner) – Formoline L112 Now in the Philippines


What if, you’re someone like me? Someone who’s fit, exercises regularly, but lacks the discipline to avoid eating fatty fast food. There are tons of weight loss supplements that promise to burn excess fat, assist in appetite control, and support all-over weight loss goals. Let me tell you something about fat binders. Yes. Let me emphasize this, binders not burners.

You can burn fat through exercise, but this fat binder is something that can help us prevent our bodies absorbing it in the first place. A popular weight loss supplement from Germany Formoline L112 that works to bind fat is now available in the Philippines!

What Are Fat Binders?

Fat binders, also known as fat aborbent are a type of weight loss supplement that help decrease the amount of fat intake by binding with the dietary fat present in food. A fat binder can be in tablet form, food or a drink.


The difference between a fat binder and a fat burner is that a fat binder prevents fat from being absorbed in the body. A fat burner burns off fat that has already been absorbed in the body; this means it won’t be as effective as it is a lot harder to burn off fat that is already absorbed in the body.


Fat binders ARE NOT the same as fat burners. Fat burners are used to burn away fat which is absorbed into our body and stored. Instead a fat binder works exclusively in the digestive tract which runs from your mouth to your anus.

Nutrients from food are absorbed along this tract and transferred to our body to use as required. Fat binders essentially aims to prevent fat from being absorbed, and therefore cannot be stored! This is similar to fiber which assists excretion of waste products from the digestive system. Due to this action,  fat binders are considered a “medical device product” rather than a “supplement”.

WATCH Formoline L112 – How it Works

Formoline LII2 (formo-lAYn) is a patented dietary fiber Polyglucosamine binds excess fats from the food you eat, prevents you from absorbing them and help you excrete it naturally. It is a food supplement that is very well tolerated. Does not interfere with your regular bowel movement. No oily, no nasty side effects.

In layman’s term, yung kinakain mo na taba, aabsorb nya lang para malabas mo sa dumi. Hindi sya nakaka-LBM. No oily side effects compared sa other “fat blockers”

How to Take Formoline L112

Formoline web-33

Formoline web-32




I’ve scoured the internet to look for before and after photos of using Formoline and I found this lady right here. I would love to try this product in the near future or have my mom try it for herself ^_^


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