Royce Chocolate Potato Chip
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Royce Chocolate Potato Chip

Royce Chocolate Potato Chip
Royce Chocolate Potato Chip

A lot of people say that salt and sugar compliment each other. That’s why there are odd food combination that works. Examples are tuyo (salted fish) and champorado (chocolate rice porridge), puto(rice cake) at dinuguan (pork insides stewed in blood), sorry if I mentioned a lot of filipino delicacies, but they are indeed a good combination that you should try.

Well, the Japanese also appreciate this certain “oddity” and came up with a very unique dessert/snack. Thus, Royce Chocolate Potato Chips 🙂

Royce is quite a popular brand for chocolate, and theyre famous for the absolute feeling of pure creamy chocolate slowly melting on your tongue :9

I love their bittersweet variants, but a friend told me that I must must must try their chips!
The chocolate used is not to sweet, and the potato is fresh and crisp, not greasy and not too salty. They compliment each other very well and when I first got the chip in my mouth and got a taste, “harmony” was

the first word that popped into my head. They harmonized like music. Haha! It’s really good. It does not have that “sawa” factor (sawa means “get used to something so much you get tired of it”) quite addicting actually
bite after bite, you get this craving that you want to eat more, even if you want to stop.
Because this is one unhealthy food.

It’s good to eat this once in a while, maybe twice in a year, or a few more if you’re not that conscious about your weight. 😛

I finished the whole box in one sitting, alone. O_O


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