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Food: Rub BBQ Ribs at UP Town Center – They’re Really Good!

I came to UP Town Center only with one objective in mind. To get my sweet-tooth gelati fix at Rita’s Iced Custard. But I haven’t eaten lunch yet and I must have my protein before my dessert kaya I chose its nearest resto. It’s just besides Rita’s. Rub BBQ Ribs. I already tried Rub BBQ Ribs at their Makati branch during my last day at Chevron despedida and enjoyed their iced tea, side dishes and most especially their bbq ribs. For the  Address, Menu, Pricelist and Food Porn/Review; just read everything until the bottom!


Address: Rub Ribs, 2nd Floor, UP Town Center


Rub BBQ Ribs Menu and Price


You can choose between family brunch at 720, super duo for 390 or singles for 220. It comes with 2 side dishes already. I chose “single” because I was alone and I want to save space for my gelati fix later.


Get a liter of their iced tea. It’s the perfect drink to complement their ribs.



Their Ultimate Fries are a must-try if you’re going in groups. Its fries smothered in cheese topped with shredded ribs. Mouth watering indeed


I don’t have any plans of eating anything else in their menu besides their ribs. If you go to a restaurant and they have their specialization (bbq ribs for example) why the hell would you eat fried chicken?!




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I got the “single” because I dined alone (ay stating the obvious kaycee?!). I was surprised with how huge the serving is. Bigger than the one at Racks (overpriced, overrated). It tasted soooooooo yummy. They even gave extra bbq sauce too. It’s spicy, smokey, and not so sweet. It’s perfectly seasoned and the meat is tender it falls off the bone on its own.


The ambiance is casual and cozy. I came here during lunchtime and it was packed!


I’ve tried different rib shacks already and Rub BBQ Ribs is on top of my list. For me they are the best in terms of serving, price, and taste! What do you think? Convincing enough? Hehe If you know better bbq ribs, suggest on the comment section below

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