Four Unique Wedding Favors To Make Your Big Day Special

Are you looking for an interesting way to spice up your wedding? We don’t blame you. Wedding traditions can get a bit stale. Many of the traditional items guests take home, such as chocolate, feel overdone and boring. You may need an extra something-something to make the day memorable for your guests.

Why not try one of the few fun and quirky party favor ideas below? Make your big day unforgettable with these fun items.

1) Custom Labeled Drinks

Make your guests feel extra special with a customized drink! The contents can be based on the wedding theme or an inside joke you have with your fiance. It’s easy to brew your own special beer or create a unique vodka flavor and then label the bottles with your own original branding.

However, custom drinks don’t have to be alcoholic. You can do the same party favor with custom labeled bottled water for every table. It’s perfect for guests who don’t drink or if you’re getting married in a hot location and everyone needs plenty of hydration to dance!

2) Flower Seeds

Flowers are a classic gift to give. However, they die after a few days, leaving your guests will nothing to commemorate your wedding.

On the other hand, seeds can last for up to five years, not including the life of the plant itself. Giving flower seeds as wedding favors combats this problem. 

Why not give your guests seeds that are the same type of flower as the bridal bouquet? This will help to make the gift fun and unique to your wedding. As well as choosing the flower seed mix, you can personalize the bags. These can then be used as a decorative ornament after your guests have planted the seeds.

3) Wedding Candles

There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up on a winter’s day with a flickering scented candle next to you. If your wedding is in the autumn or winter, these can be excellent wedding favors to give to guests. Not only are they pretty and decorative, but they’re practical too.

Just like the flower seeds option, you can personalize them for your wedding:

  • Getting married in a stately home with big flower meadows? Try a floral scent.
  • Reception on a boat? Why not have a fun sea salt base.

You can even add different colors and designs to make them personal for each guest.

4) Bubble Blowers

The theme of your wedding should inspire your wedding favor. If you’re having a fun, child-friendly wedding, bubble blowers can be a great favor. Not only will they keep the little ones entertained, but they can make for unique, exciting photos.

Although it’s easy to find bubble blowers online, you can take it up a notch by personalizing them. For example, why not print an engagement photo on the side of the bottle and add the dates of your big day? That way, guests can keep it as a memento for years to come.

Make Your Big Day Perfect

In 2019 the average cost of a wedding in the United States was a whopping $33,900. As a result, wedding favors can feel like yet another thing you have to spend your hard-earned savings on. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to make your favors special without having to break the bank. These personalized items will leave your guests with a unique, fun gift to remember the day. 

No matter what your wedding style and budget, there’s a perfect wedding favor for you on this list!

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