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Fracora Placenta Soap Review – Anti-Aging Soap for Sensitive Skin


Disclaimer: Fracora Placenta Soap was sent to me for FREE for a review consideration. I used this soap 2 months ago. I am no longer using this soap. Read below for my FULL REVIEW

Price and Where to Buy: 900php at Cheska’s Store


Product Description from Website
It contains “very rare brown sugar made in Okinawa Hateruma” and “placenta extract”.  By using “placenta extract”, a sense of transparency of your skin is maintained. “Brown sugar” has the role of moisturizing the skin. (The color of the soap and of the foam when washing is a little bit brown and is given by the the color of the brown sugar contained.) In addition to this, plenty of moisturizing ingredients (honey, soybean oil, carrot root extract, collagen) have been added to enhance the moisture and to leave the skin feeling no sense of tightness.

Fracora Placenta Soap Review

Price – WOO. 900php for a small bar of soap? Damn expensive bb!

Packaging – It comes in a small pink box, sealed.

Texture – It’s cold pressed but surprisingly it doesn’t melt easily. It also doesn’t produce plenty of lather, signs of the soap’s purity.

Scent  – Fragrance free.

Will I buy again? Nope

Thoughts I used this soap for 2 months but found no remarkable difference with my skin.Except that it didn’t break me out or left my skin feeling taut and dry. It’s claim to fame is that the composition of brown sugar and placenta to effectively slow down skin aging. It has carrot root extract (vitamin A, natural retinol) to regenerate skin and placenta and brown sugar for moisturization. I’m not expecting my wrinkles to magically disappear upon using this soap, but it didn’t really make any significant difference. Maybe it should be used hand-in-hand with other serums or moisturizers? As a soap, it didn’t really cleanse my skin and seems to be clogging my pores too.

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