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10 Benefits of Using Horn Combs from Hua Mulan

Brand – Hua Mulan
Product – Ox Horn Comb, Goat Horn Comb, Wood Combs
Price – Php 150 – 3,000 (depending on comb, mine is Php 500)
Where to Buy? – SM Megamall 2nd Floor Building A
Has anyone of you passed by SM Megamall and noticed this very ancient-like store with fancy schmansy looking combs? They also sell special wooden combs but that’s another story. I bought my very first Ox Horn Comb in Hua Mulan on 2008, 5 years ago. I lost the comb when I went to Boracay 2009. Then I forgot all about how great it is @_@ My love with ox horn combs was rekindled because I walked by their store again after going to Fitness First.
 This will be another lengthy post. Owning one is the bomb! Continue reading to find out why! Read the entire post loves it’s worth it! Rating is at the end of the post as usual so go on now and read til the bottom.


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Benefits of Using Horn Combs

  1. Close cuticles and prevent split-ends (because it’s made out of keratin. the same compound of our own hair)
  2. Relieves itchiness caused by dandruff
  3. Makes hair shiny
  4. Can dredge veins and tighten hair roots, making it hold on to our scalp stronger
  5. Helps hair grow faster because it helps with the blood flow of the scalp
  6. Prevents white hair and gray hair (wow-za!)
  7. Relieves stress, promoting relaxation and sleep (I do the 100 comb glides at night, alam nyo din ba to? Hehe)
  8. Relieves eye rheumatism
  9. Prevents excess hair fall
  10. Excellent for detangling hair
Every since I cut my hair short again and again and again because of a stressful relationship and after finally getting out I decided to grow my hair as long as it can!

How to choose an ox horn comb

Select a comb that is shiny and smooth with rounded teeth and no sharp edges. Do not choose a comb that seems dried out and dull. This is an indication that it has not been stored properly and has become brittle and may crack. It took me around 1 hour to choose mine from Hua Mulan because they have many varieties you can choose from! Small combs to those with handles. The price will depend on the type and design of your comb. There are even those with jade and swarovski crystals embedded on them that goes up to 3,000 php O_O
Guess what I chose? I was opting to get the one with the handle (Php 895) but I wanted to scrimp (LOL) and wanted something compact that I can carry anywhere so I got the short comb, no handles, ox horn and it cost me Php 500. A goat horn is slightly more expensive than the Ox’s but its benefits are the same. The only difference is that a goat horn comb is white. Grabe, kahit sa suklay may racism and elitism na ganap! Mas mahal pa din ang maputi! Tsk tsk. (just kidding folks)

Caring for your ox horn comb

If cared for a horn comb can last a lifetime.  Over time horn will dry out and, if left untreated, become prone to breakage. This can very easily be avoided by gently rubbing any of the following into the surface of a horn comb twice a year: lanolin, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, olive oil or sunflower oil. In the morning, use cotton balls to remove any excess oil from the surface of the comb. (personally I use virgin coconut oil because it’s the most accessible)
Avoid immersing your comb in water for a prolonged period as this will cause it to expand and become weakened. Therefore, store a horn comb well away from sinks and wet surfaces.
A horn comb may be gently washed using cold water and a mild soap: heat will deform a horn comb, and many types of detergents will damage its surface.
Hair and horn are made of the same long chain protein, keratin. The keratin within a horn comb will seal keratin scales on hair strands, leaving them smooth, silky and shiny. In contrast, a plastic comb will catch hair’s keratin scales and exacerbate irregularities. It may also generate undesirable static electricity in hair, causing hair to stand on end  Use of a horn comb will not cause the build up of static.
The rounded ends on the teeth of a good quality horn comb will unplug follicles to release natural oils, sebum, that gets transported throughout hair by the comb. Instead of making hair greasy these natural oils increase body and movement.  Rounded teeth will also exfoliate dandruff, debris and dead cells without causing further damage to scalp.

RATING – 5/5
If I lose this comb (God forbid). I will buy again. Hua Mulan is the only store that I know of in the Philippines that sells horn combs (if you know some place else please do tell me where) and I’ll fly to Hong Kong, Taiwan or China or anywhere to get a replacement.

It’s also a perfect present to anyone on any occasion (except for bald people of course) because they have a fancy packaging too!

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