Frequently Asked Questions About Herbalife Products or Becoming a Distributor

Many people have questions about what Herbalife Nutrition is and about what its products are like. These frequently asked questions (FAQ) can help you learn what you want to know about the company and what it sells. 

What Is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife Nutrition began in 1980, intending to help people around the world have better nutritional habits. The company uses nutrition products that are backed by science and that taste great. These products can help people get a better balance in their diets and take in more healthy nutrition. The company sells its products through independent distributors who can also answer many of your frequently asked questions. 

What Does Herbalife Sell?

Herbalife has several nutritional supplement products that can add vital nutrition to your day. These products are carefully crafted so that they are helpful to customers who want a healthier diet and great flavors. Herbalife sells several nutritional shakes that add many nutrients into the diet and can be used as meal substitutes. They also sell a protein coffee, a protein baked goods mix, and snacks perfect for getting more nutrition and protein. There are also teas, aloes, sports hydration products, and more nutritional products. 

Are Herbalife Products Good Quality?

Yes, each item is carefully made for the highest possible quality. The company has a quality control system that has 14 steps to ensure quality at every level. The quality checks start with the seeds of the ingredients and go all the way through to the finished products. The company makes sure that its manufacturing uses the latest technology to blend, compress, and package each item from Herbalife. Every manufacturing facility and laboratory of the company has either met or exceeded standard Good Manufacturing Practices. Herbalife’s laboratories have been given the very highest accreditation level for its standards that lead the industry. 

Where To Buy Herbalife Products?

Herbalife Nutrition products can be purchased through independent distributors. These distributors are trained and educated by Herbalife Nutrition using materials developed by their experts to help their customers reach their healthy lifestyle goals. They receive an education in health and nutrition, and they coach their customers one-on-one to help them change their habits and live healthier lives. They know just how each Herbalife product works and who can best use specific products for specific health goals. These distributors can recommend products and give advice and mentorship to those who want to live healthier. 

Do Herbalife Products Work?

Yes, the products do work. Millions of people around the world have been helped to achieve their personal nutritional goals through these products. Each product has been well researched, carefully developed, and distributed with one goal — to help people live healthier lives through better nutrition backed by science and has a great taste. Each distributor works closely with their customers to make sure that they are using the right products to help them along the way to reaching their goals. The Herbalife community also provides support and encouragement that keeps people on their healthier course. 

Are Herbalife Products a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Herbalife Nutrition products were reviewed by independent researchers in 2020 to find out how safe and effective they are when they are used as meal replacements for those who want to lose or otherwise manage their weight. The meta-analysis of the study found that those who used the high protein products were better able to lose weight and fat than those on control diets. It’s recommended that those interested in weight loss replace two of their meals each day with Formula 1, a protein shake. 

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