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How To Dress Your Man For The 5 Most Important Dates In Your Life

It’s great when you’ve found the right person and you love him for exactly who he is and adore all of his little quirks and peculiarities, right? But not everyone sees him through your loving eyes and, let’s be honest, no matter how good a man you have there are things that you can help him out with, and, sadly guys, it’s often your fashion sense, and specifically your sense of occasion, or lack of it. Here is a good guide for 5 of the most important days of your life and how to give your man that loving nudge in the right direction, fashion-wise.

Meeting Your Parents

First impressions count and in terms of long-term family harmony, so you definitely need to be on top of this one. There are no hard and fast rules on this one as there are so many factors at play here, if your parents are fairly formal then it’s good to give him a heads up on this one, and even if you have the easiest going mom and dad then still avoid, rude or ‘funny’ T-shirts. Basically, you know them and should be his guide on what’s appropriate.

Wedding Day

It’s traditional for the groom not to see the bride’s outfit before the big day, but if I’m not mistaken, there is no rule in the other direction. You can even try wearing a colored wedding dress.  So, even if you don’t pick his outfit for him, it’s no bad idea to get a general idea of what they might be wearing so that you can advise and even consider matching your bridesmaid’s dresses in color scheme with the groomsmen. 


Funerals are a difficult time and with emotions running high it can be easy to cause unwanted friction or distress to other family members. Formal and black attire should always be respected, and unless there is a particular wish from the family or from the deceased then do not deviate from this formula, even something as trivial as funeral ties can cause upset. So just make sure you are both respectful before leaving, I remember my scruffy brother-in-law wearing black jeans and black sneakers to my grandfather’s funeral, which really upset me, as I felt he disrespected the family.

Social Occasions

There are any number of social occasions that you may be required to dress up for and this is a tricky one as there can be a whole range of dress-codes, formal and informal or even stated or unspoken. I would say the general rule is that if it’s your friends or family then take the lead here and if not, then let him do his own thing.

Children’s Special Days

There are various big events in your children’s lives, here we are talking, christening, school graduations and college, etc. If your man does not wear a suit for his job he should be persuaded to keep one for occasions such as these as formal is still the way to go in dates as important as these ones.

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