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Fun Canadian Festivals to Visit as a Family in 2018

Life in Canada can be tedious at times. From demanding work schedules to capricious weather, we all need to let loose and have fun every once in a while. Having a family doesn’t exclude you from having a good time, as there are plenty of festivals that are perfect for those with kids in tow.

Let’s get into the details below…

1) Quebec Winter Carnival (Quebec City, PQ)

Can’t wait until it gets warmer to have some family fun on vacation? Make plans to see the Quebec Winter Carnival. Held this year from January 26th through to February 11th, there are numerous events in which you and your clan can get involved.

These include thrilling toboggan runs, exploring Bonhomme’s Ice Palace, taking an icy bath in a blanket of fresh snow, or watching as brave ice canoe teams race across the unforgiving pack ice of the St. Lawrence River.

As varied as these activities are, there may be some nights where the weather gets too cold to bear. If your cringing at the thought of braving -30 windchills, know you don’t have to be a hero.

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2) Celebration of Light (Vancouver, BC)

While Canadian winters are infamous for being long and dark, summer time is equally well known for its long, bright, and warm evenings. As such, many of this country’s best festivals go off during these months. In Vancouver, the Celebration of Light is one of the most anticipated events in that city, as it brings fireworks engineers from across the globe to compete against each other.

Over the course of one action-packed week, three teams aim to top each other by choreographing an impressive pyrotechnic display to a song chosen by fans. It is unlike any firework show you’ve ever seen before, so don’t miss it.  

3) Heritage Festival (Edmonton, AB)

Canada is a nation of immigrants, and that fact has only become more apparent as time has worn on. Expose your kids to the beautiful mosaic of cultures that makes this nation what it is by attending the Heritage Festival in Edmonton, Alberta.

Held annually during the August Long Weekend, you’ll have a chance to wander the world without having to leave Hawrelak Park, as there are upwards of 85 cultures and nationalities represented in the pavilions set up on its grounds.

With plenty of dishes, art displays, crafts, photographs, and live entertainers (dancing, singing, etc), you’ll gain a greater understanding of the folks you sit next to on the train every morning.

4) Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto, ON)

There’s nothing quite like the fall fair to finish off a summer filled with family fun. North of the border, the Canadian National Exhibition is the biggest of these.

At this festival, you’ll have a chance to ride both state-of-the-art midway rides and long time favourite, eat hilariously unhealthy food (deep fried butter, anyone?), and a variety of shopping arcades that sell everything from gadgets to beauty products, sideshows, and stages featuring live entertainment.

If you are looking to end your summer in style, fit in a full day at the CNE during your visit to Toronto.

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