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7 Best Wedding Poses for Bride and Groom

A wedding portrait is usually the first image for a new family and one that stays in the walls of the house for many years to come and that’s why it should be the best. Several factors come to play when it comes to getting a perfect wedding portrait including the photographer, light and the type of camera being used. Among the factors, the pose plays a significant role too.

A great pose will show the emotional connection between the two of you and even if the image is not the greatest, a great pose can make it even more attractive. But how do you create a perfect pose in the limited time that is usually available on the wedding day? Don’t panic coz we have prepared some of the best wedding pose ideas for the bride and groom. But before we get to that…

Essentials for creating awesome wedding poses

The first thing to consider before making the pose for the photos is that the couple needs to look their best. A good photo will result from the best outfits. In case you want to check out the best outfits that will make the photo poses wonderful, check Frox of Falkirk for the best outfits.

Posing for a wedding photo or any other photo is an art and you need to practice in advance in order to get good at it. Knowing how to do it right will help you create those flattering poses between the two of you. Unlike posing for individual photos where you concentrate on making yourself look the cool, posing for a couple photo is more of creating a connection than making yourself stand out. Increasing the number of points where the two of you touch increase inside the photo.

It is also important to understand that there is really no one pose that fits every couple so you might want to try out a couple of them and choose the one you seem better than the rest. As a wedding photographer or wedding event planner you need to respect the couple and their rules so if they say they don’t like a certain pose you need to respect that. Follow their lead and you are going to create a unique image that is perfect for them.

As a couple, you can have a mock bridal shoot and try to perfect on your poses and by the time the day for wedding comes you will be very good at it. Or alternatively you can have a photo shoot for your engagement party as most poses used on that day can also be used during the wedding.

Even though there is no wedding pose for the bride and groom that is perfect for all the couples, getting some inspiration will not be wrong. Get inspiration from the following ideas and maybe you might use one for your wedding portrait.

Wedding posing ideas for the bride and groom

One basic pose doesn’t necessarily mean just a single image. Adjusting your expressions, hands, and the direction the couple is looking can create different poses that fits you as a couple. Or you can use variety of poses and add the photos in your wedding album. The same pose can appear different with a bit of modification. With these 7 poses, you can come up with a perfect pose for your wedding portrait.

  1. Standing side by side

Many couple’s stand next to each other but you can create some connection to the image by making contact with your loved one. Maybe you can hold her hands or you can touch her cheek, or maybe wrapping your hands around her back. Whatever you choose just make sure there is some contact between the two of you.

Or you stand side by side one reversed. Stand facing away the camera and have your arms looped together. Look to your loved one or you can give her a kiss on the cheek. The mix up is perfect for adding variety and it is going to showcase the details on the back of the bride’s wedding dress.

  1. Facing each other

This is another pose that has potential of variety and it usually works very well as it shows a lot of connection between the couples. Stand close to each other and if possible, lean towards each other. Making sure there is a no distance brings a feeling of closeness in the final image. Look at each other’s eyes and remember to create points of connection like putting hands on her waist or kiss on the forehead.

  1. The bride behind

Even if the groom is a bit taller, having the bride behind the groom can create such a strong pose. The bride should be only be slightly behind not far behind and one shoulder should be tucked behind the groom. It will be even perfect if you loop the arms

  1. Groom behind

This is a bit common but it is still one of the best wedding poses. Have the groom stand behind you and let his hands be all over your waist. And if he is tall enough then you can have him stand directly behind you and kiss your cheek or seem like he is whispering something in your ears. Be sure to check out wure wedding photographer to make your wedding even more successful.

  1. Blind fold the groom

This pose can also be very good for a wedding portrait. Have the bride blind cover the groom using her hands especially before the big reveal. It is a great pose to kick start the wedding shoot and it can be done later too.

  1. The first look

That first look that the groom has once he sees the bride is always very special and it can make a great wedding pose a wedding portrait. If it doesn’t come out naturally, you can try to fake it.

  1. The first dance

The couple’s first dance is always very special and it can make a great pose. The first dance normally happens at the reception but you can practice it during the photo shoot. Makes a perfect photo and it will definitely be very memorable. For an even more unique shot, have your photographer capture the moment from the balcony up above.

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