Gel Polish Without UV – Solique by Girlstuff

Despite the longevity of wear and the beautiful shine that Gel Polishes provide, I used to prefer sticking to regular nail polish because the cons outweighs the pros on gel manicures. Didn’t we all wish we had a gel polish that dries without uv and still lasts for days, shine like glass, and easily removed? (yes our wish is granted. Thank you Girlstuff!) but first.

Why I Hate (used to) Gel Polish

  • First, it requires a professional to get it done.
  • They buff your nails causing damage
  • It takes at least 2 hours for the whole process of drying and painting to finish
  • To change color or remove your polish, you have to go to a professional (again)
Diba that’s so annoying? That’s why I stuck to using plain old regular polishes even if they chip after a day or two because of my active lifestyle. BUT last weekend, my favorite nail polish brand Girlstuff launched their Solique Gel Polish line that even until now, amazes me! It cures under natural light and we can do it anytime at the comfort of our homes! 

How Solique Gel Polish Work

  • 2-step system: GEL COLOR + GEL TOPCOAT. When these two are used, and activated by sun, the combination for ms a tough film over the nail.
  • Product contains safe ingredients, and are mild, non-irritant and NON-TOXIC
  • The system does not need any base because the color adheres to the nail.
  • Polish dries naturally under light (any light!)
  • Over time, and especially under sunlight, nail polish strengthens and becomes more durable.

Solique Advantages over regular gel polish

a) Does not contain harmful chemicals
b) Cures with natural light. NO NEED FOR artificial UV Light!!!!
c) CAN be removed easily with any Nail Polish Remover! NO NEED FOR SOAKING!!!!!
d) Maintains glossiness over time and can be reactivated in the sun!
e) Affordable!
f) Fast drying time!
Advantages over regular polish:
a) Extended wear!
b) High Gloss and shine! Glossiness can be maintained and reactivated by exposure to sun.

How to Apply Solique Gel Polish

1. Make sure nails are clean and free of oil and lotion.
2. Do not use a base coat.
3. Apply a coat of your desired SOLIQUE Gel Polish Color. Allow to dry for a minute.
4. Apply a second coating the same shade. Allow to dry for a minute.
5. Apply 1 coat of SOLIQUE Top Coat.
6. Cure polish under sunlight for about 2 minutes or allow to dry in natural room light.

How Much?

Solique Gel Polish – 180/bottle
Solique Gel Top Coat – 200/bottle

Available Colors

Baby Blues

Love Me Like You Do

Midnight Dreams

Just a Fantasy

Manila Girl

I’m so happy I’ll almost cry! Girlstuff if you are reading this post thank you for making this amazing product! I hope you release more colors soon I’ll definitely repurchase and recommend this to everyone.

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