Good News! We Can Now Have Healthy Food Delivered via honestbee!

Have you ever wished there’s a hassle-free delivery for healthy food and groceries? Thank goodness honestbee recently partnered with merchants that can cater to our needs. I’m sure a lot of you are starting with resolutions of having wholesome, holistic lifestyle. 

More details and sneak preview of what’s in store for us in photos below!


This posture helps in releasing stress 🙂 As taught by Niki Torres

As a single mom who’s trying to keep up with her life. Juggling through different tasks throughout the day like taking care of macho kid, helping out with the house, content creation, attending events, and a whole lot more. Staying fit & healthy is one of the more challenging tasks. There isn’t just enough time. 

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honestbeeph healthy food delivery

Most days and I’m guilty. I rely on fastfood or whatever my mom cooks regardless if it’s “healthy” or not. That’s why I was super giddy when I received an invite to attend a yoga class and an educational talk on meal-prepping and nutrition. 


The only way to lose weight and lead a healthier life is to make more conscious choices of what you eat. Food is our medicine and when we upgrade our diet, we upgrade our life” – Marga Banaga, fitness enthusiast and Vlogger who lost 30lbs in 100 days


Healthy Offerings from honestbee

Starting in 2015, Hearty Bread offers healthy products that have excellent quality sold at affordable prices. Current product lines are mainly gluten free, sugar free breads that are organic with no added preservatives
100% fresh juice. No preservatives, food coloring and artificial flavor.
Oh So Healthy! offers a fun and nutritious line of new guilt-free snacking treats made from 100% real fruits. Each product is prepared using the most natural ingredients and without frying or oil. Enjoy this all-natural and fresh new way of snacking on your favorite fruits.
Oscar’s Granola Grains are high-protein granola cereal clusters. They make a perfect snack hack for anyone looking to enjoy healthful and delicious treats.
Raw Bites are carefully curated treats for the health conacious
Only the best tea with Basilur

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