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Ishigaki Advance vs Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend – 2017 UPDATE!

When it comes to skin whitening pills like glutathione, Ishigaki Premium will always be a favorite of mine. In fact, as of this moment that I am writing this article, it is my current glutathione brand of choice. A lot of readers have been asking What’s the difference between Ishigaki Premium and Ishigaki Advance; well, your wish is granted! Continue reading to find out.

Ishigaki Glutathione 2017 Updated Photos

Here are the latest photos of Ishigaki Glutathione, one of my all-time favorite glutathione brands because of its affordability and effectiveness.




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Premium – It’s in a smaller bottle with 30 capsules

Advance – It’s in a bigger bottle with 60 capsules



English-wise, the label on the Ishigaki Premium appears to be more correct in usage of words and grammar. Mejo barok yung Ishigaki Advanced LOL.



Ishigki Premium Ingredients (850mg/capsule)

Ishigaki Advance Ingredients (1000mg/capsule)

Difference: Ishigaki Advance has ALA 100mg and Ascorbic Acid – 50MG


ishigaki-capsule (1)

Ishigaki premium comes in a clear capsule where you can see the powder inside. Ishigaki Advance comes in a white opaque capsule.


I’ve always preferred Ishigaki Premium because it gives me a rosy white glow without breaking me out. Most people have the tendency to have negative acidic reactions and breakouts with ALA (alpha lipoic acid). But as I always say, what works for me may not work for you so feel free to try Ishigaki Advance and let us know how it works for you ha?
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