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Goodbye Fuji Z10FD, Hello Canon Ixus 115 HS

For around 4 years I’ve owned the same Pink 5MP Fuji Z100FD shot camera, sure it may not have great specs when you compare it to compact digital cameras
out now, but it endured falling down the stairs, sinking in the foot fish pond of Manila Ocean Park, tumbling down on the ground of small hills
in our backyard in Batangas. It’s quite durable and handy.

This camera was given to me as a highschool graduation gift in addition the laptop I’ve wished for (I chose a computer course and needed one). I used
it for our projects, personal photos, primary pictures on friendster, pets, friends, family, events. We’ve shared a lot of memories. It’s the camera
I used when my hubby and I first went out of town (we were not married yet, and we were not boyfriend-girlfriend yet), it’s the cam I used on our
super simple wedding day, I kept it with me during my pregnancy days with my little boy growing in my tummy. It’s hard to let it go.
My mind tells me to give up the camera, it has served well. I could sell it, for a low price yes. But I could keep it. Even if I’m about to replace
it with a new camera. I lost its charger, and tried to looked all over but could not find it; and for my hobby as a blogger, it just couldnt keep
up. Photos in my blog need more quality, especially food or product swatches, it just couldnt deliver no more. I would probably give it to my little

Now, the past few days I’ve been looking for a decent compact camera, not the heavy DSLRs everybody’s lugging around these days. I want
a simple, small, functional and most of all AFFORDABLE camera that can take great swatches, and pictures to share with all of you. I’ve made a short list of 3 compact cameras
that is within my small budget; then finally picked Canon Ixus 115HS as my camera of choice.


1. Panasonic Lumix FH22

2. Canon IXUS 115 HS

3. Pentax RS1000

What made me decide? I’m all for quality. From what I’ve read, Canon is the best. Trust me, I read ALL the reviews available and shown in google. Haha.
I was supposed to get PentaxRS1000 because it’s really cheap but alas it is out of stock 🙁 and compared to Canon, Canon is really superior.
Here’s my favorite camera compare site, Comparing both gadgets.

My budget range is 5,000PHP-10,000PHP and the cheapskate in me compared high and low in google, cnet, photoblog reviews, and proved that a 9,700 peso
digital camera is right up my alley. Best of all, it’s PINK!!
I got it last weekend and I can’t wait to use it! I can finally provide you with better photos and swatches *crosses fingers* hopefully!


  • Mrs.Bech

    thank you for sharing. my 4-year-old olympus just died (because of this st***d friend of a friend who thought it was an underwatercam) and it makes me sad too because it's been with me from college to my first baby. imma blog about it too, but maybe when I can replace it na. hehe! for now, im stuck with a bulky dslr. 🙁

    btw,im from batangas too!

  • K

    Hi Mrs Bech.. Decided to sell the camera so that someone may put it to good use again. Instead of me keeping it to collect dust in the drawer.

    I kept the photographs it took.. 🙂 why do women like us are so sentimental when it comes to these things? *sigh*

    nice to know a co-batangena!

  • OSeñorita

    So hard to let go of things that has been with you through all your journeys in life. 🙁 But we have to move on…Congratulations on your new camera. Here's to your new camera… May you have more memories to capture on this journey called life. 🙂 Cheers!!!

  • Anonymous

    have you started using it yet I had just got one and have been trying out some of the things like kids and pets but can't get them off the screen now can you help.

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