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Best Insect Repellant Spray for Babies : Giga Natural Insect Repellant in Eucalyptus

Moms out there can relate when I say how much I hate mosqitoes, cockroaches, flies, and other creepy crawlies. Well, even if you’re not moms
I guess you hate em as well haha! But we are more worries when our babies are exposed to these icky creatures. These insects can give
a lot of germs, viruses, and sickness to our loved ones.
I’m not a fan of commercially bought insect killers or repellants since it can also pose dangerous to young children; So after trying out a lot of natural
brands like messy bessy, indigo baby, human <3 nature, and GIGA, I found a winner in my heart. That is GIGA’s Home Spray Insect Repellant Eucalyptus scent.

Besides not having the stingy scent of citronella which I find too strong, the eucalyptus is very soothing to the nose, no hints of citronella here, and I love it when me or my baby has the cough or colds, it kinda soothes and relieves it well. The scent is very comforting. Most of all, it works.
A few sprays everywhere in the room especially on the bed works all throughout the night giving baby a sound sleep, and me, a peaceful mind. This is not a paid ad mind you! Haha.. I finished 7 bottles already and keep on buying. I buy mine in their stall 2nd floor Robinsons Manila around 175php.

Baby Geof and Mommy K approved! 🙂


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