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Happy Earth Day!! Envirosax: The Designer Reusable Bag

Another one of my addictions are bags. Of course I don’t splurge on high-end designer bags, I just grab one whenever a bag gets my fancy.

While searching in google for a good shopping bag (longchamp was on my list), this bag caught my eye, the envirosax. Now what is envirosax? According to their website:

Envirosax® designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style!
Chic, inexpensive and compact, Envirosax® eco-friendly shopping bags carry the message of re-use to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future.
  • Tested for strength & safety
  • Super strong, holds 44lbs
  • Fully washable – won’t fade
  • Super convenient & water-resistant
  • Fashionable & fun – a great gift idea!
  • Solution to one-use plastic bags
Since I dont get to go to malls often, I decided to grab one online, I got the design in “Marshmallow” which features a cute bunny in a light pink background. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes and more!

When I first received this bag, I was like, “what the, can this really hold up to 44lbs?” I mean, it was so light, and thin as paper! But the design was soooo cute and doesnt look cheap at all. Plus, I love the fact that it folds up into a compact size, just like a travel sized umbrella.
I used this bag everyday in my “pamamalengke” (grocery shopping) filled it up with cans, grains, etc, and it managed to hold up all that weight! Without any damage!
So over the course of time it gathered dirt etc.. so I decided to wash it (hand wash please). I was hesitant at first since I was afraid it might affect its quality or fade the print out, but it didnt. The best part is, it dried so quickly! Around 3 hours and it’s ready to be used again. Love love love!

So do I recommend Envirosax? Yup!!!!

For local readers you can view list of retailers here:


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