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Natural Sunburn Remedies

Okay, even with super protection from my favorite sunscreen (Canmake) it’s still hard to prevent those ouchies when you just stay too long under the heat and sun. I found cheap but equally effective ways to cope with sunburn.


Vinegar is one of those amazing products no household should be without. In addition to being useful in cooking and cleaning, it also has medicinal properties. It should be no surprise that vinegar is one of the most wonderful natural sunburn remedies. Simply soak a t-shirt or towels in vinegar and place it directly onto the skin. The vinegar will help to soothe the sunburn and alleviate the sting.


The tannins in tea work wonders on a sunburn. You can go about it a couple of different ways. The first is to wet a tea bag (or tea bags) and place it on the sunburned area. The second is to fill a bathtub with cool or lukewarm water and throw a bunch of tea bags in. Soaking in a relaxing, soothing tea bath is another way to alleviate the sting. Your third option is to boil up a big old pot of tea. Once all the tea is steeped, take out the bags and add some ice cubes until the water temperature is tolerable. Soak a towel in the tea (it will stain) and place it over the sun burned area.

Cold Milk

A glass of cold milk isn’t only the perfect companion for a slice of chocolate cake; it’s also a soothing natural sunburn remedy. It’s actually the fat in the milk that’s soothing, so it’s best not to use skim. Simply soak some large pieces of gauze in milk and lay over the sunburned area. It will feel cool and soothing the second it’s applied. If you’d like, you can repeat this process every thirty minutes or so. When you’re done soaking your skin, take a nice cool shower. If you leave the milk on your skin, especially if it’s really hot outside, it will just turn rancid. No one wants to smell that bad.

Aloe Vera: Most Popular Natural Sunburn Remedy

Most people know this by now, but aloe vera works wonders on burns, including sunburns. Your best bet is to use the plant itself and not an ointment or a cream. Break open a leaf and rub the plant’s natural oils on your skin. Not only is it soothing, but it’s also healing.

Baking Soda

Pour a cup of baking soda into a lukewarm bath, pick up your favorite paperback and have yourself a nice 30 minute soak. Soon the sting and swelling will be a distant memory.

When to See a Doctor

Hopefully if you overdid it in the sun, you only have a mild sunburn. In extreme cases, however, it’s important to see a doctor. If you have a fever or chills or feel nauseous, it’s probably a good idea to call your physician. Do the same if you feel dizzy, faint, or fatigued. If you can’t stop itching and if your skin is discolored and deep red or purple (moreso than it should be), it would be in your best interest to call the doctor.


  • Medical Information

    Sunburns are common among children and adults as well. Person affecting from it should take proper care like go for ice-cold baths, aloe vera gel is the best solution, but should avoid any types of oil, perfume or bath salt. But one should consult doctor before opting for anything. For more details on it, refer Sunburn cures

  • Donna Parsley

    Yeah, nowadays, we have to watch out for the health of our skin since the day and the sun can get pretty hot. Sunburn can really dampen things when you're just trying to have fun, go to the beach, or just relax away from work and the City… Anyways, it's best to make sure your skin is protected, and know a thing or two in taking good care of your skin when sun-burned.

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