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How BB Cream Cured My Sister’s Millia


Millia – A hard closed comedo with a very obvious white head. Not to be confused with a pustule, milia are not red or inflamed.


In other words, icky, protruding whiteheads. My sister is currently 12 years old and she had this for almost 4 years already and it has been bothering us ever since. She’s not the kikay type of girl and when I gave the Purederm BB Cream to her, it was her only moisturizer/makeup. She loved it so much the first time we tried it on SM that IM SO GRATEFUL that Purederm sent us a tube for free.

She has been religiously using this bb cream for a couple of weeks now and
we we’rent expecting this result!

Purederm BB Cream  magically made her millia disappear one by one!
Her only ritual was wash face with ordinary soap in the morning, and bb cream to school. My sister is so thankful to her ate 🙂

and ate is thankful to purederm 🙂


I got envious and purchased a separate tube for myself today! (I had fish allergy and I have a lot of small pimples all over my face 🙁 hope this bb cream can share its magic to my skin as well)

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  • bibzki

    I have used a lot of bb creams and hiyang naman ako sa lahat ng na-try ko. nakaka-blooming talaga ng skin and eversince I started using one bihira na ko magka-pimples ngayon, 1 pimple per month na lang before my period. Lemming ko naman ang purederm magic now! dami good reviews eh, but I have a lot of bb creams pa na inuubos hehe 🙂

  • admnkikaysikat

    Hi sis! Yup ako hiyang din sa bb creams 🙂 except sa Missha

    anyway, purederm really works. pero it doesnt have a good staying power though, it works a lot like a really good magic tinted moisturizer, pero as a makeup, still need to use something else

    I know I got the purederm gift set for free but I want to be honest to my readers. 🙂

  • juicekodai

    that is interesting.. i have always wonder what a bb cream do.. shoud i get one for me?.. i dont have black heads or white heads though.. 🙂
    anyway, may i ask what does BB in BBcream stands for?.. 🙂 ty

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