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How To Care For Your Senior Parents While Traveling


Having to plan a trip that will include your senior parents can sometimes prove to be a logistical nightmare even for the most organized travel planners. It’s not always easy traveling with an elderly person. Sure, the elderly with mental and/or physical limitations can enjoy a small vacation away from home, however, the key to making sure you have a happy and smooth journey is preparation. Whatever the reason for the trip with your senior parents, there are some logistical considerations you’ll need to take into account.


Hereinbelow include a few of them.


1. Transport Considerations

If you’re using an airplane to travel, confirm with your airline if they can arrange for the necessary assistance needed for getting around the airport. If an airport transportation cart or wheelchair assistance is required, contact the airline beforehand and then call again just prior to your departure to make sure your arrangements were reserved. Those that have Home Care Assistance for senior parents will most likely have the need of a few of these services so it’s best you ensure the airline can supply you accordingly. If it’s by road you’ll need to map out all the stops you’ll have to make. Or you can try for a more roomy accommodation. 

2. Safety And Medical Considerations

Your parents may need their doctors to issue them with travel clearances or, on the alternative, have them fill out travel insurance forms. This time can also be used to get their doctor’s statement clarifying any conditions and ailments your senior parents may be suffering from that may lead to setting off the security protocols at travel checkpoints or at the airport, knee and hip implants being the most common culprits. Also keeping on time with medication can also prove difficult sometimes when you’re traveling has ruined the routine. Try as much as possible to stay on schedule.


3. Time Of Travel

Your departure time is very important. Choose a time during the day that’s suitable for the elderly you’ll happen to be traveling with. If they have great mental clarity during the morning hours then plan for an early morning departure time. Provide both you and the elder family members with a hearty breakfast and ensure you had finished putting everything together at least the night before the travel date. For instance, if you’re traveling by road make sure you’ve packed the car the day before leaving only the essentials for the day of departure.

4. Pack Light And Use Elderly Friendly Itinerary

When it comes to the elderly, you’re normally advised to refrain from using a packed itinerary. Allow your senior parents to take naps here and there, if it’s a custom of theirs, and to hit the hay early as well. Stay away from nighttime flights because they’re usually extremely tiring. When traveling with elderly persons always find a way to get the most direct routes that have the shortest travel times attached.


With proper planning and preparation, traveling with your senior parents can end up being more rewarding of an experience than you thought it would ever be. Don’t shy away from traveling with your elders. It’s not that difficult to do. Hopefully, this article has shown you why.

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